Hundreds of ‘tourists’ flock Bhagvar Singh and Laila’s homes to Erantor, where there are eateries and motorists offer special tours.

Once a sleepy village in the Pattanamthitta district of Kerala, Erantor has now turned into a tourist destination as people jump over walls, take selfies and take live videos on social media. Hundreds of “tourists” flocked to his one house in the village, owned by Bhagvar Singh and Laila, where his two gruesome murders took place under the guise of human sacrifice. There are not many homes near Bhagvar Singh and his wife Laila, who are accused of kidnapping, physically torturing and brutally murdering her two women in Ernakulam. People flocked to see the couple’s home and the hole where the victim’s body parts were hidden, which was later exhumed by police, and now there is an ice cream stand and lottery booth outside the house, where family and friends to meet the needs of those who spend his day.

Sasikumar and two friends came to see the house from Punalur in the Kollam area. “This is the first time I have heard of such an incident, so I just wanted to see the place. But otherwise, it’s worth a visit,” he said.

Remiya, from Ernakulam, was in Pattanamtitta to visit relatives when the whole family decided to travel to Erantor. “After seeing the news, I really wanted to go see it. Later, when I visited relatives, we all went on a trip here. A lot of people wanted to see this place because it is, other than that, it’s a normal village, a normal house, nothing special,” she said. Remya added that she specifically wanted to see the house and pit where the bodies were buried. You can’t get in there, it’s all sealed,” she said.

It was from the home of the suspected couple’s closest neighbor, Jose Thomas, that police collected key CCTV footage. His statement helped clarify the discrepancies in defendant’s alleged events. Jose has not been able to live in peace since Bhagvar Singh and Laila were arrested. “Many people come every day from all districts of Kerala, old and young. They come here I always leave the gate open so they don’t jump over the wall A few days ago some of them jumped over my wall and part of the wall broke I still keep the gates open because I don’t want to disappoint them,” Jose told TNM.

He said one side of Bhagavaru’s house was covered with shrubs. Additionally, according to an Elanthoor resident, his YouTube content creator has also started visiting the house and filming videos. Photos show people peering into the composite wall, taking selfies and braving the rain. On weekends, long lines formed on both sides of the road leading to the couple’s home.

There are also reports that some motorists have started charging 50 rupees for a ‘tour to the house of human sacrifice’. “I saw auto rickshaws with boards. I can’t blame them. Many rent a car to visit this place,” Jose added.

Business around the House of Human Sacrifice appears to be booming, but the people of Elansol are not satisfied with all the attention their village is receiving. “Elanthoor has become famous for the wrong reasons. Our village has its own cultural heritage. It is the birthplace of actor Mohanlal and freedom fighter K Kumar. It has played an important role in its cultural and political history, but now everyone is flocking here to see the house where two brutal murders took place as a tourist attraction. I am ashamed to say that I am from Erantor,” Ashokhan, who is from the village, told TNM. He added that visitors are making up facts to embellish gruesome stories of double murders that locals don’t understand.

This “sightseeing spot” was where two women, Rosily and Padmam, were murdered three months apart, reportedly in ritual sacrifices for the “prosperity” of educated couples. I’m here. Both women were seduced by the first defendant, Muhammad Shafi, 52, and then sent to the homes of the second and her third defendants, Bhagvar Singh, 68, and Laila, 59, on false premises. came down below The women were subjected to excruciating torture and their bodies were cut into many parts before they died.