During one of his field visits, former Secretary of Agriculture William Darr was drawn to the unlikely destination of Tagaytay City.

Although it doesn’t get much attention, Turbulent Drip Sales Inc.’s farm was never intended to be an agritourism site. The Secretary of Agriculture’s visit would be the farm’s first famous seal of approval, but for more technical reasons.

Founded in 2012 by agricultural engineer Emmy Ciojo, the company behind the farm works for governments and development agencies such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). It was intended to support an ongoing greenhouse project.

Since then, Siojo has built his integrated demonstration farm, which features a greenhouse, quail and chicken coops, a fishpond, an odorless piggery, and bright, plump pepper blossoms that surround his residence that doubles as his office. has welcomed curious onlookers.

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