When temperatures drop below freezing and outdoor conditions are miserable, it’s the perfect time to plan a family vacation somewhere fun and warm.

However, if this is going to be a vacation with kids, it’s a good idea to plan ahead to make sure the cities you visit have plenty of family-friendly activities and attractions.

A new survey was recently published lawn love After ranking 200 U.S. cities for being child-friendly on vacation, several towns around the Midwest ranked high on the list, but a few are best avoided if you have kids in tow. A town was shown.

The 200 cities were ranked in 23 categories, including affordability, safety and ease of transportation.

The top 10 cities for “kid-friendly” vacations, according to the Lawn Love survey:

#Ten San Antonio

Skyline of San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Sean Pavone

#9 Los Angeles

Santa Monica Pier


#8 houston

Houston, Texas, USA drone skyline aerial panorama.

crack 20

#7 San Francisco

#6 Tampa

Drone aerial view of White Sand Beach in Destin Florida Florida

crack 20

#Five Chicago

Johnny Vincent

Johnny Vincent

#Four Las Vegas

Neighborhood at dusk of the Las Vegas, Nevada, USA cityscape.

Sean Pavone

#3 Miami

#2 Orlando

#1 new york city

Now that you know the best places to plan a vacation with kids, here are some of the Midwestern cities ranked below.

Joliet, Illinois was ranked 174th out of 200 cities and nearly the worst on the list for ease of “getting around” (196th). Joliet scored well at her 78th place at an affordable price.

rockford, illinois “Eating” and “Enjoying” ranked low, ranking 171st. I’m against gluttony, and you can “enjoy” wherever you are as long as you enjoy being with them.

In two other cities in Illinois, naperville at #73 aurora #79.

On the Wisconsin side, milwaukee It ranks 56th on the list with a high score for Affordability. Madison It was #86.

Click through to see the entire 200 cities that are perfect for kid-friendly vacations. here.

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