Are you planning a vacation this summer? Whether you want an urban vacation or a beach vacation, the time it takes to fly or train, there are many things to consider. But just as important is how much it costs.

So here’s what you need to know.Turkey – its diversity, beauty, and very Sunny country – now insanely cheap. Both flights and accommodation are very affordable. It was in the midst of an economic crisis and the currency, Lira, collapsed. Last year, the Turkish government repeatedly lowered interest rates, believing it might curb inflation, but in fact, according to traditional economic theory, the Turkish lira has fallen 55% against the dollar over the past year, inflating. Currently reaches 61%. .. Those are some statistics.

So what does that all mean? Now, prices may have skyrocketed locally, but the currency plunge means that the country has become even cheaper for foreign tourists.According to a recent survey by Post office moneyAverage cost of a cup of coffee In Marmaris, a resort town in the east of the country Beer costs £ 1.54 ($ 2.01), but 59p (77 cents). WWhen considering currency conversion and shopping cart price At Marmaris, holiday essentials came in for only £ 24.91 ($ 32.45).that is many Cheaper than the average £ 39.07 ($ 50.90) in the Algarve PortugalOr at Paphos in Cyprus for £ 52.99 ($ ​​69.04).

The survey also looks at the maximum price drops by destination to show how cheap some places are.Sliema Malta It’s about 5% cheaper, but you probably won’t feel the effect. On the other hand, the cost of Marmaris’ escape has dropped by a whopping 36 percent. That means you’re going to get more overall load for your holiday money.

It is worth noting that many of these savings have not been passed on to consumers in package transactions. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your own trip to save the most cash. But there are 3 courses for 2 people including wine! – It arrives for just £ 16 ($ 20.85), so it’s almost certainly worth the effort.

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