We were invited to Fodor’s Travel and travel host Samantha Brown for a special Instagram live chat!

Ever wondered what it takes to be a travel host? How about traveling the world for TV? You will be invited to a special event at Fodor’s Travel on April 29th at 1:00 pm EST. Instagram live chat With a respected travel host, Samantha brown..

If you haven’t heard of Samantha Brown, pull up your chair. Brown is a pioneer and one of the first women to break through historically male-dominated travel hosting spaces.In an industry that women make statistically 80% of travel decisionsIt seems obvious to talk to a female travel host. Overwhelming majority Travel consumer based.Still, we’ve seen it for too long A travel show led by a straight white man The content of that overtly masculine adventure, well, seems to serve only other straight white men.

Beloved place / courtesy of PBS

Enter Samantha Brown, who was once the only woman to decorate the Travel Channel travel show headlines.Statistics clearly prove that women travel, but what was important to Brown was Performance The woman travels (if you can believe it, there is no bikini). For over 20 years, Brown has hosted several shows, including: Encounter between a girl and Hawaii, Great vacation home, Great hotel, Passport to Europe, Passport to Latin America, Great weekend, Green getaway, Passport to ChinaWhen Samantha Brown Asia..

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Today you can find Brown (originally from Dallas) hosting the popular PBS series. Place to love, Currently in the 5th season. Whether you’re interviewing North Carolina artisans, drinking bourbon in Kentucky, or enjoying an ice canoe in Canada, Brown’s friendly and realistic show highlights the food, culture, and adventure of a particular destination. Provides viewers with a list of carefully selected experiences.

Since then Place to love The aired Brown show was nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards and won two Emmy Awards in 2019. A good travel / adventure program and a good host. The importance of Brown’s career cannot be underestimated. She paved the way for a new generation of diverse female travel hosts, including: Kelly Edwards When Joe Franco..Indeed, for travel hosting spaces length That’s the way to go before it’s truly leveled and diversified, but we’re now seeing a new face harvest that better reflects real travelers.

Beloved place / courtesy of PBS

Traveling the world for work is always fascinating, but traveling the world for work is fascinating When Television is like the Holy Grail of a career. This Friday we will talk with Samantha Brown about what it’s like to travel as a woman and do the best job in the world, and her proven tips. Traveling alone.. See you on Fodor’s Travel Instagram at 1:00 pm EST on April 29th for this exciting live chat.