“We were really homesick for the second home,” Muller said, pausing to order dinner without glancing at the menu. “Tuesday, right? I know Tuesday’s menu.” (She has participated in 115 cruises.)

credit…Courtesy Frank Schmar

Frank Schmar, 69, had a big plan when he resigned as Director of Transport Safety at the Waste Corporate of America six years ago. He moved from his home in Shelnobu, Missouri to a nearby Table Rock condo. The lake, and he cruised the winter and spent the summer on the lake. “I didn’t even care where I was going during the cruise. I was happy just sitting in a lounge chair and watching the ocean pass by.”

When the pandemic shattered his plans, he said, it was the closest thing that Mr. Schmar had become clinically depressed. During the pandemic, Schmar felt completely lost.

He created a “drink of the day” and made it Netherlands America Cruise’s Facebook fan page. After 800 cups, Schmar and his partner Linschliver returned to the ship and soon found his favorite bartender.

“It was very nice to see the face I knew and shake hands. It was very reassuring to see him there and he was fine. It was magic,” Schmar said. rice field.

From Royal Caribbean Princess The Netherlands America has its own loyalty program that rewards frequent seafarers, from drink coupons to room upgrades. However, the perks are big companies, and while cruisers proudly wear loyalty badges in the form of pins and other gems, many cult cruisers say they won’t return to the same line for rewards. ..

Instead, they pledge allegiance about how a particular cruise line synchronizes with their personality and desires. For example, Royal Caribbean Cruisers say they love the friendly crew and passengers they always meet on board. (According to the Cruise Line, one of the biggest fans spent 9,500 nights on board.) The Viking Cruiser shows the line’s luxurious and all-inclusive prices (Wi-Fi, basic meals). Alcohol package and port of call sightseeing are included in the basic price). Dutch-American fans return to their crew, meals and fascinating itineraries, like a 35-night cruise along the British, Scotland, Norwegian coast, Iceland and Norwegian-controlled Spitsbergen. increase. many. For many Holland American ships, BB Kings Blues ClubAnd focusing on live music also attracts many repeaters.