If there is one thing we know Wheel of fortuneThe show is a rule obsessive and represents the regret of athlete Chris Davidson.

During the episode of the long game show Wednesday, March 30, Davidson had the opportunity to win a $ 8,400 trip to Puerto Rico. The prize was virtually in his hands when he tried to answer the puzzle in the food and drink category. Davidson replied, “Frozen formulation,” and mistakenly added unnecessary articles to the phrase.

Davidson quickly realized his mistake and immediately repeated the answer without an “A”. But unfortunately it was too late. “Sorry, I can’t accept it,” the host said. Pat Sajak Before a fellow athlete answers correctly and swipes a free vacation from disappointed Davidson.

Sajak reiterated Davidson and the audience watching at home why his answer was not accepted. “Chris knows what he did, so he’s back,” he explained. “He threw the article. He threw an” A “before that, and we can’t accept it. Just how it goes. It’s just one of the rules, we have to obey them, and Carol gets a trip to Puerto Rico. “

Sajak may not have had much sympathy for Davidson, but some viewers felt different. “I’m really sick of this guy,” tweeted one fan, complaining about the rules, and “again, #WheelOfFortune doesn’t have to be like this.”

“I thought I could fix it myself before the buzzer sounded,” another viewer thought. However, his fellow fans said: “The rule is that you can fix it yourself as long as you don’t finish the last word in the puzzle. He did it after finishing the” formulation “. “

It’s not all fate and darkness, as Davidson took part in the bonus round, won a total prize of $ 13,900, and was enough to buy one or two frozen formulas.

Check out more reactions to Davidson’s failure below.

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