What to do in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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In the self-proclaimed “gravity anomaly” known as Mystery spot, Our guide shook the carpenter’s level like a magic wand, revealing a stream of water that appeared to be flowing uphill. After he asked our group to practice by saying “oh” and “oh”, he conducted us with a surprising chorus. “At the center of the anomaly,” the teenager hummed and explained, “the usual rules of gravity and physics no longer apply.”

Built in 1941, the roadside attraction on the steep, wooded slopes of Santa Cruz, California, is known as the “tilt box,” a hillside structure built to enhance the optical illusion. This is a typical example of what can be done. We marveled at the billiard ball rolling behind and took pictures of each other standing at seemingly impossible angles. I knew I needed a trick. We didn’t want to know the trick.

When my husband and I packed up our senior high school daughter and her friends over a long weekend, we were slowly starting to get into college, and anxiety arose in the air. During his second year at the University of California, Santa Cruz, our son had slightly more information about college life than his sister. Due to pandemic-related restrictions, he finished his first year at his home and now lives on campus, but with online classes many rituals that were part of my own college experience and He was isolated from the routine.

In Southern California, consider San Pedro instead of Long Beach

Tired of trying to get back to normal, whatever it was, we left much of our travel planning to Kismet and synchronicity. Thank you for the opportunity to surrender to the magic created by the anomaly, the towering redwoods, and the sea air.

I found a small brick-colored beach cottage on Airbnb. This was a cozy place to replace the hotel’s double room, leaning in a whimsical direction. “When I’m at home, I literally meet my grandparents,” says owner Kelsey Hammond, who took a brief lesson on postponed maintenance, building standards, and construction after taking over the place at the age of 23. I did. “That was a big deal,” she says of the refurbishment. “But 20 years later, this is where we feel love.” We didn’t have to hold a séance to feel the legacy of a good atmosphere.

Just a short walk from sandy beaches and cottages, there is a historic preservation plan adopted by the city of Santa Cruz in 1974. The plan adds a layer of interest to eating out, with limited demolition and construction, and a drive down the street is a survey of commercial and residential architecture from the mid-1800s to the present.

When I was looking for a supper, I was drawn to the eye-catching red and green paint work at an ice cream stand that was reused in the 1950s. Charlie Hong Kong, A fusion hotspot in Asia for the 25th year of its mission to make healthy and sustainable food. My vegan daughter was pleased with the plant-based menu options and devoured a bowl of spicy peanut noodles with tofu. Almost all bowls cost less than $ 10 and were big enough to share. Therefore, I had a little extra budget. Penny ice creamery Locally agitated ice cream with wrought-iron details and a red tiled roof from a Spanish revival-style complex.

The second day started with a spin pass Red brick castle.. Built by Kenneth Kitchen in the 1940s, this mansion combines Turkish and South Asian influences with repeated arches, towering spire, and lots of abalone and tile inlays. A subject of curiosity and speculation for a long time, the abandoned property was purchased and restored by Artina Morton and her husband Douglas Harr before being returned to the market. The private residence is a monument to creativity and self-expression and is worth a walk on the sidewalk.

A discreet exploration of wineries, restaurants and nature on the central coast of California

Unexplained tours Bigfoot Discovery MuseumThe owner, Mike Rag, was just happy that he couldn’t regret us in the story of his childhood Bigfoot sightings that define his life. After making a Hammered Dulcimer in Silicon Valley and a detour career path including the stint “Push Pixel”, Rag followed his heart and opened the museum in 2004. Along with the Bigfoot diorama of the wilderness, the collection includes casts of plaster footprints, pops-cultural items, photographs and various ephemeras. As we said, Rag pulled out a 37-page term paper on the existence of elusive vibes, written when he was a student at Stanford University. “My professor told me I wasn’t making my point,” he read aloud the comments written under the scribbled C grade. “Anything is possible,” he said. “I gave myself permission to believe.”

Hoping to add their own pin to the Bigfoot sightings rug map, we Pogonip Open Space Preserve.. Located on 640 acres along the University of California Santa Cruz campus, the park features more than 11 miles of trails, including a multipurpose track named after trail advocate and rider Emmy McClary. I have.

With the kids on the map, we started at the trailhead near our son’s dorm and headed downhill towards the oak-protected spring trail. We finally paused, connecting to the Springbox Trail and crossing our fingers towards Bigfoot or the rumored secret carp pond. A pond known as the “spring box”. The girl, who caught an orange flash under the surface of the water, knelt to see the flames in her knees and tail.

Similar in color, but rarer than the goldfish in the woods, are the flowers of the Banksia genus in Australian gardens. University of California Santa Cruz Arboretum & Botanical Garden.. Over 135 acres, this vast “living museum” focuses on the conservation and conservation of rare and unique plants around the world. The pincushion protea flowers were recognizable from the grocery story bouquet, but other examples, such as the furry pinkish teddy bear Banksia, looked straight from the science fiction. These jagged leafy plants and shrubs are made to bloom soothing flowers and withstand fire.Like some Banksia SerataThere are large seed pods that open like clamshells in extreme heat, and others germinate new leaves from a burnt base.

Our last night, my husband and I wandered Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.. A lot of children appeared and disappeared at their agency. On us, a brightly spinning vehicle known as the Sheath Wing has begun another spin. Human cargo reaching the arms and legs towards the setting sun, reminiscent of the needle-like petals of Banksia flowers. Beyond the middle light, the sea was dark and unknowing. The bark of distant sea lions echoed over the surface of the water and was easily identifiable despite the roaring sound of the giant dipper coaster. I was impressed by the thin lines between the natural and artificial worlds of Santa Claus. It was a safe zone, and I felt that the questions about the future only extended to what to eat for dinner. It was a fleeting sensation, but it was magical in itself.

Goodman is a Los Angeles-based writer.Her website is tanyawardgoodman.com.. Find her on Twitter: @campfiresally..

1141 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, CA.

This neighborhood favorite offers a sustainable menu centered around noodles, rice and fresh vegetables. Open daily from 11am to 10pm, rice bowls start at $ 8.75 and wraps start at $ 4.50.


Enjoy breakfast, brunch or lunch on a quiet patio surrounded by flowering gardens. Freshly baked pastries are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Open daily from 8am to 2pm, admission starts at $ 8.50.

Home-smoked brisket and high-stacked turkey or roasted vegetables takeaway sandwiches are ideal for outdoor dining on the beach or in the woods. From Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 4pm, sandwiches start at $ 14.95 and laps start at $ 13.95.

Founded in 1981, this family-owned pie shop is “stalked” to offer unique combos such as fig and bacon Fiji Piggy and the award-winning Little Sir, packed with 40 cloves of roasted garlic. increase. The best vegan pizza ever. Open daily from 11am to midnight. A 12-inch pizza costs $ 19.50, a 14-inch pizza costs $ 27.50, and an 18-inch pizza costs $ 36.50. Slices start at $ 4.75.

Serving Santa Cruz since 1938, this market offers a wide selection of California wines, fresh breads, locally produced produce and light meals. An ideal place to stock a cottage fridge. The general public is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, and the elderly are open from 7 am to 8 pm.Open Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 8pm

It’s worth trying out-of-the-box ice cream inspired by seasonal fruits, flowers and herbs. Flavors change frequently and include options such as bitter caramel and strawberry pink peppercorn. Choose the scent of warm waffle cones. Open daily from noon to 11pm, single scoops start at $ 5.50.

University of California Santa Cruz Arboretum & Botanical Garden

This rare and unusual collection of plants serves as both a classroom and a museum. Open daily from 9am to 5pm. Admission is $ 10 for adults, $ 8 for seniors aged 65 and over, and $ 5 for children aged 6-17. Free for children under 6 years old, students and members of the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Challenge yourself to understand gravity and perspective on this guided tour of California Historical Landmark attractions. Are there any mysterious forces created by extraterrestrial life, biocosmic rays, particularly wide holes in ozone, or eye tricks? We recommend purchasing advance tickets. Purchase onsite tickets and parking passes by cash or check only. Credit cards that can be used online and at gift shops. Admission is $ 8 per person and parking is $ 5.

5497 Highway. 9, Felton, California.


Dedicated to ongoing public education about mystery primates around the world, this small museum is full of memorabilia and crafts and is a key point for teaching respect for wildlife and conservation. Admission is free, but donations leave the door open. The time is different. Please call for confirmation.

Pogonip Open Space Preserve

Dr. 501 and 410 Golf Clubs.


This wild space is accessible from the University of California, Santa Cruz campus and many places around it. There is no official parking lot. Check the website for maps, parking recommendations and entry points. Open free of charge from April to October, sunrise until 7 pm, and November to March 4 pm.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

This beachside funrunde is a magnificent home Looff carousel And hair growth Giant dipper wooden roller coaster, Each National Historic Landmark. The time depends on the season. Please check the website for the time. Boarding times are different. Please check the website.. The arcade is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Admission is free, but tickets are required for attractions. Ride a wristband from $ 29.95 per person. Vehicle and game tickets $ 1. (Giant dipper is $ 8 per ride.)

Potential travelers should take into account local and national public health directives regarding pandemics before planning a trip. Travel health notices can be found on the interactive map of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. destination And CDC Travel health notification web page..

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