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With so many people returning from spring break, it became clear that my colleagues had already begun planning their summer vacation. However, even with plenty of travel and vacation at this time, it is important to practice protecting yourself and others from the coronavirus.

Although the severity of COVID-19 is gradually becoming a thing of the past, we are still actively living in the mask and vaccine protocol and recovering from Omicron spikes. Omicron variants caused a surge in cases in winter. The most imminent were December and January. 99.2% of COVID-19 infections..

COVID-19 is still classified as an international phenomenon, and it is important to recognize that its effects are long-lasting in our world and in certain countries. Many countries have still faced difficulties and adversities since the outbreak in 2020, and as a result, are truly struggling to recover. for example, Economy in Russia, Pakistan, Poland and Peru More and more are working on the reality of restricted access to medical infrastructure, closure of educational institutions, loss of employment, and minimal availability of vaccines and COVID-19 antigen testing.

Hong Kong The number of recorded cases is skyrocketing and we are actually facing the worst case ever. The outbreak is so serious that they have announced another mass blockade, banning all trips inside and outside the Chinese government. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has been and continues to be a constant challenge for many countries around the world.

The proliferation of Omicron variants has followed a widely anticipated path. This means that after peaking in January and dealing damage, it will facilitate the path to less relevant elements of the COVID-19 battle. Various strands of COVID-19 come and go, but the latest to be recognized is BA.2.This subvariant Perhaps 30% more infected than its predecessor, researchers have come to know that this submutant can circumvent detection on current COVID-19 antigen tests. Although there are several mutations in the original strand of COVID-19, this subvariant is the most notable form of the virus. Severe illness or hospitalization without vaccination..

For those of you who have played your role in protecting yourself and others around you by being fully vaccinated, this new subvariant should not be a source of stress! As a citizen of our society, I am merely calling your attention so that you can enthusiastically recognize how this pandemic is evolving and approaching a meaningless state.

In terms of how this affects travel planning, I confidently recommend that thorough research and planning is the most effective way to be safe and careful. I think we are only responsible for recognizing the trends of COVID-19 around the world and the seriousness they are affecting different countries. But there are many places in the world where you are ready to make your vacation debut!

When it comes to traveling abroad, there are many places that are actively working to lift the obligations and other restrictions on outdoor and indoor masks for years. Country like Significant changes in Japan, Austria, Germany, Canada, Israel, Australia, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, etc. from early to mid-March regarding mandatory mask and event capacity and relaxation of border restrictions for travel purposes Announced that was done. !! !! If you plan to take a break internationally, it is important that you have to study the specificity of the new COVID-19 protocol.

If you plan to travel within the United States, the majority of states are pursuing new protocols to achieve a fully reopened status. You can do your own research on a particular state of travel, but in general, You need to be 2 years old to wear a mask indoors, Regardless of vaccination status.Moreover, it’s not yet Must wear a mask when traveling by planeHowever, due to the possibility of new public transport obligations being lifted, you may be notified otherwise on April 18th. stay tuned!

If you are already planning, consider these. 5 pieces Advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) so that you can enjoy your vacation safely and without worry.

First and foremost, the CDC recommends getting the latest information on vaccines. In other words, it is advisable to be fully vaccinated or to ensure boost immunization. In addition, they encourage you to get all the vaccinations you need in the country you plan to take vacation to ensure protection from all the illnesses you may encounter abroad.

Then do a survey to determine the travel requirements for the place you want to visit. The CDC provides generators that indicate the severity level of COVID-19 in each country. Make sure you do not currently plan to go to highly infectious areas.

Third, talk to your healthcare provider to best understand the illnesses and illnesses you may encounter while traveling and assess your vulnerability to such illnesses.

Fourth, expect something unexpected! We live in an unprecedented time, so we need to learn to be flexible if our plans evolve quickly. Therefore, do what you can to protect yourself, such as taking out travel insurance and preparing medical information in case you need medical care while you are away.

Finally, protect yourself and your loved ones! Follow the COVID-19 protocol in place, wear a mask, wash your hands and make wise decisions to be happy, healthy and enjoy your trip.

I would like to repeat to fully support you in any adventure you are planning. As long as you practice safe, healthy and responsible habits and educate yourself about COVID-19, you will explode!

Reese Coblentz aims to inform society of current COVID-19 statistics and events that society should be aware of, and how this will affect future vacation plans.