In a recent study showing that the majority of travelers wanting a pre-departure Covid test have been removed, the United States says it hasn’t happened.

April 18th is coming early (Date Current mask Delegation About the expiration date of the aircraft), Many also wanted to withdraw the requirements for testing before the United States departs for the United States. It doesn’t seem to happen.

U.S. has not withdrawn pre-departure Covid test requirements

This week, US Coordinator of Covid Response, Jeff Zients, Responded To a reporter asking about the pre-departure tests currently underway to head to the United States.

This was his response: Mr. ZIENTS: Okay, about the second question: No, we have no plans to change the requirements for overseas travel at this time.

at present(As it was done last December), All travelers (Regardless of vaccination statusIf you are traveling to the United States, you must perform the Covid test one day before your flight to the United States departs ()Read more about it here). This applies to all travelers over the age of two.

With Recent TripIt Survey, Conducted from April 1st to 4th, 60% of travelers said they would like to remove the test requirements. Twenty-seven percent of those surveyed say they want to keep the policy, but 13% say they don’t prioritize either method.

If you dig deeper, according to TripIt, 44% of the people asked say they are more likely to travel if the requirement is removed. Only 10% said that neither method would affect their travel plans, and 46% said they didn’t. Negative testing means that you have to leave the United States for at least another five days (When Last-minute accommodation and payment of potentially missing jobs), 44% of the respondents make perfect sense.

We’ve seen many times that pre-departure testing doesn’t keep Covid away from the United States. The United States seems to be digging into this testing requirement as countries around the world have withdrawn testing requirements for vaccinated travelers.Like below Aircraft mask man dateThis full test requirement definitely seems (Not just for me, but for many others) It will be a Covid theater.

The United States, unlike many other countries, does not actually check the test and chooses to leave it to the airline representative to confirm that the test was done. The problem with this is that there is no way to know if the test is really legal and it puts additional pressure on the airline. Moreover, in my experience, the line of people waiting to check the paperwork is actually the busiest airport I’ve been to. If you want people to be separated by a distance of 2 meters, it won’t work exactly.

The only reason Zients said this is because the United States wants to lift the mask obligation and leave the test requirements in place to relax the current protocol.

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