Like other rare accommodations, tree houses have become more and more popular over the last few years, and as the pandemic prolongs.

Part of the attraction is the escape to nature, away from home and unplugging away from crowds and tourists. Usually built on a stilt or connected to a tree, the uniqueness of a tall tree house above the ground is also appealing. And there is nostalgia for those who did not play in the tree house as a child.

Tree houses and other rare accommodations are so popular that recently debuted a flexible destination tool on its website. Click “I’m Flexible” to see a list of unique accommodations, from tree houses to small houses, domes, A-frames and even private islands. The most reserved list includes tree houses, beachfronts and houseboats.

“We’ve learned that where travelers stay is often more important than traveling to a particular destination,” says Haven Thorn, a spokesman for “It’s clear that more and more people are discovering great outdoors.”

Rona Oliver first stayed at the Tree House (Tree House Ridge in Thompson Building) last month. The resort in northern Michigan just opened last year. She and her husband, Mark, planned a vacation there after a family ski trip failed.

“There were trees all over the house. It was snow and winter. Oliver, a sophomore teacher living in Owasso, says,” All behind are glass windows, and you can look into the trees to see snowy owls and other animals. It was just beautiful. “

Oliver and her husband will return to Thompsonville to experience the tree house in other seasons.

You can also experience the tree house. We’ve compiled a list of 10 treehouses to check out in Michigan and the Midwest.

Serenity Now Treehouse, Whitehall, Michigan: Surrounded by four strong oak trees in the woods of western Michigan, this one-bedroom tree house exudes a simple and rustic charm. Built in 2016, the tree house is on a hillside overlooking Silver Creek, not far from the small towns of Whitehall and Lake Whitehall. Despite its small size, the tree house boasts kitchen facilities, indoor and outdoor showers. The deck overlooks the stream and is ideal for dining outdoors among the trees. Lake Michigan is nearby. Rowing boats can be used to float along the stream. Rental is available from

Outpost Tree House in East Leroy, Michigan: Inspired by a fire lookout tower, this small two-story building south of Battle Creek stands in a white pine tree in the middle of a 65-acre farm. There are no cooking facilities inside, but there is a bar sink, a compact refrigerator and a coffee maker. The bathroom on the ground floor is accessible from the outside. Umbrellas are convenient when it rains. The wraparound deck offers stunning views of wildlife, from white-tailed deer and coyotes to turkeys and owls. Last year, the owner added a glamping tent with two beds. Rental is available from

Treehouse Ridge in Thompsonville, Michigan: Treehouse Ridge, the first resort of its kind in Michigan, opened the first of the 10 planned tree houses (about 500 square feet each) last year. The Hoffman House can accommodate 4 to 6 people and is equipped with a full-service kitchen, washer and dryer, underfloor heating and a fireplace. The second tree house is scheduled to open by summer. Once a logging area, the 40-acre resort is the tallest part of Benzie County, with pine and hardwood. Skiing at Crystal Mountain takes only a few minutes. Traverse City is about a 30-minute drive away. Info:

Mohawk’s Tree House Resort, Glenmont, Ohio: Buckeye seems to have an advantage in tree houses. Consider this resort in the Mohawk Valley, halfway between Columbus and Cleveland. The 77-acre resort has nine state-of-the-art treehouses, one of which is a vintage 25-foot camper van. Equipped with all kinds of equipment, the tree house was built with old and new materials such as 100-year-old barn siding, ladders and sliding doors. The early design was a collaboration with Pete Nelson, the host of Animal Planet’s Tree House Masters. Among them is Little Red. Currently, improvements are being made to make it larger. Notable is the Tin Shed, which features a corrugated metal exterior, full-sized garage doors, and a 100-foot extension bridge connected by a steel spiral staircase. Info:

Cannaley Treehouse Village, Toledo, Ohio: Crossing the border is this tree house village. This village is considered to be the only public park. Designed by Pete Nelson (see above), the village is located in Toledo’s largest metro park, the Oak Openings Reserve, with hiking, biking and horseback riding trails and a popular birdwatching destination. Cannaley has a tree house for 6, 4, and 2 people. They are all electric, with heat and air conditioning. Toilets and shower facilities are nearby. One of the tree houses, The Nest offers curly tube slides to replace the stairs. Three platforms can accommodate tents and hammocks for overnight camping. Tree houses have been extremely popular since the village opened in 2020. Many are booked a year later. Info:

Lake Michigan, Grand Haven, Michigan’s Enchanted Tree House: Located on a sand dunes and surrounded by trees, the Enchanted Tree House is like a well-equipped cottage. Built in the 1970s, the 1,450 sq ft post-and-beam style cottage provides ample space (1,450 sq ft) with three bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. It features a full-service kitchen, fireplace and other amenities. The cottage was designed to maximize the view of Lake Michigan while minimizing the environmental impact on the dunes. Many guests admire the view of Lake Michigan. A series of stairs descends the dunes to a 100-foot-long private beach. Rental is available from

Ten Acres Tree House in Nauvoo, Illinois: Called the Captain’s Quarter, this whimsical tree house with a nautical theme stands in a grove of western Illinois, not far from the Mississippi River. Guests cross a small bridge to a two-story 400-square-foot tree house and are greeted by a large map of the world. The small window seats provide a cozy corner to read with a collection of books at hand. The tree house can accommodate 4 to 6 people and is equipped with kitchen facilities such as a microwave. The wraparound deck immerses guests in the surrounding forest. Accommodation also includes log cabin rentals and an old tree house built in 2013 and inspired by the “Tree House Masters”. Info:

Looking Glass Treehouse in Campton, Kentucky: Why not rent a set of tree houses for one night rental? Looking Glass is a mirrored tree house deep in the woods of central eastern Kentucky. A row of mirrors decorates the exterior of the tree house and reflects the surrounding forest to guests. Surrounded by tulip poplar and pygnut hickory trees, the property has a full-service kitchen in one structure and a bedroom and cozy room in another. Guests reach the octagonal bedroom through the trapdoor. You can enjoy a 360-degree view from the panoramic window. The bathroom, separate from other buildings, is located at the foot of the stairs leading to the wooden house and is connected by a bridge. Rental is available from

Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins, Hocking Hills, Ohio: These unique tree houses are located at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in southeastern Ohio. The resort has four one-bedroom or two-bedroom tree houses surrounded by rugged terrain with 15 acres, each named after a primeval tree. One of my favorites is white oak. Accessed by a bridge, White Oak features a wraparound deck and a private balcony. The hidden door leads to a bedroom with bunk beds. Maple boasts a swing overlooking the canyon and waterfall. Most interesting is the hemlock, which is perfect for couples shaped like silos. All tree houses are equipped with wood-burning hot tubs and a variety of amenities. Info:

Enchanted Garden Tree House, Schaumburg, Illinois: Owners boast that this treetop house outside Chicago is as genuine as they come. Expect this stilt-built cedar tree house to sway gently in strong winds. It is located above a waterfall and a carp pond. The eco-friendly tree house has a pella window, a fireplace, a kitchenette with a sink, a microwave, a coffee maker and a refrigerator. Ask about bathroom options. There is a private outdoor shower. The tent next door is perfect for kids with padded cribs, lights and fake fire pit flames. Downtown Chicago is a 45-minute train ride away. Rental is available from