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(CNN) — Staff shortages and storms have caused a great deal of confusion in spring vacation plans in the United States and Europe, but on the bright side, dozens of people Destination Finally, the Covid-19 infection rate is declining.

Here’s what happened in this week’s travel news:

European travel turmoil

was there Big mess At airports all over the UK this week. The lack of staff associated with Covid caused hundreds of flight delays and cancellations, most impacting British Airways and easyJet customers. The country has been smashed in the middle of the Easter holiday season and the problem is expected to continue in the coming weeks.

After the restrictions were lifted in early March, Covid infections surged in the UK, but this is beginning to decline. British Airways, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic are one of the UK airlines that have relaxed their mask obligations.

It was even more disastrous as the Spanish Tourist Information Center in the UK apology In response to the false declaration on April 6 that unvaccinated British citizens were able to enter Spain without restrictions. This was due to a misunderstanding on the part of the tourist information center. Therefore, it is not only us citizens on earth who are confused about the government’s Covid rules.
Staff shortages are also behind the huge security lines at Dublin Airport in Ireland, with passengers Now being advised Stand up three and a half hours before the flight. Passengers were asked because the situation was so bad on the weekend of March 26th. I missed the plane After spending more than 2 hours to go through security.

Covid pricing and restrictions

But there was good news elsewhere. Twenty destinationsI’ve seen reduced risk levels on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s travel advisory list, which includes Canada and some Caribbean countries.

Looking back on Anthony Bourdin

A new CNN Films and HBO Max documentary about Anthony Bourdain will premiere on CNN on Sunday, April 10.

“Michibasiri” He talks about Bodin’s journey to the personality of a writer acclaimed by a New York chef and a highly beloved television. It also reflects his 2018 suicide at the age of 61. CNN Travel Talked to director Morgan Neville About what he learned about Bodin when making a movie.
CNN Audio has also turned Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” travel series into a podcast.New episodes are dropped weekly and the latest release is a trip in 2015 Marseille, the oldest city in France..

Aviation news

Rendering showing Condor’s new candy-colored striped aircraft.


China is entering a hypersonic flight game with a new Beijing-based space transport plane. It hopes to transport passengers twice as fast as Concorde by the 2030s.

Hopefully it just means from Shanghai to New York A few hours..
On the other hand, in Costa Rica, the plane slipped off the runway and Divided into two..

The world’s largest plane was destroyed

The CNN team first saw the wreckage of the world’s largest plane after Russian troops withdrew from a strategic airfield on the outskirts of Kieu.

The new image is Full range of damage To Antonov An-225, the world’s largest commercial aircraft. It was destroyed in late February as Russian troops occupied an airfield near Kieu, one of the first strategic targets for the invasion of Ukraine.

In case you miss it

Before thinking about “Karaoke and Prosecco”, please note that it does not contain alcohol or technology.

Do you think you can fly a 300 meter (984 ft) ship through a narrow waterway across a stormy sea?

Where travel is part of an adventure.

Get ready and travel

Packing for a vacation requires a lot of preparation. If you are currently carrying additional passengers, more preparation is needed.

Of partners CNN emphasizesA product review and recommendation guide owned by CNN has put together this checklist of travel essentials for you or anyone you know. Flying during pregnancy..

Image above: The traveler is sitting outside the Covid-19 Test Center at Terminal 3 at London Heathrow Airport on April 6, 2022. (Via JustinTallis / AFP, Getty Images)