Hotel Receptionists often have the power to upgrade your room for free, they can do something at their discretion if a better room is available. There are things you can say at the reception to increase your chances of getting a suite or a larger room. Money Saving Expert Ellie Austin-Williams, the brain behind This GirlTalks Money, gave her Travel advice..

What should I say at the reception to put the suite in a bag?

“Can you have a room on the upper floors?”

Ellie said: “Request the upper floors of the hotel.

“Suites and more premium rooms are usually on the upper floors of the hotel, so request an empty room.

“Even if you don’t enter the president’s suite, you’re far from the hustle and bustle of the street.”

“Can you give me a corner room?”

“I’m asking for a hotel corner room,” Erie advised.

She states: “Whenever available, we snap corner rooms. Due to the structural layout of the building, these rooms generally have the highest square feet and windows, while at the same time providing the lowest noise levels.”

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What are some of the top tips Ellie can offer for giveaways, deals, or upgrades?

She told the reader: “According to, Sunday nights are usually the cheapest nights to stay at a city hotel.

“Most travelers are out of town and have a business rush on Monday morning, so hotel rooms are often discounted.

“December and January are cheaper months to travel. How do you get over the Bruce in January rather than a holiday or a short break?

“The first two weeks of January are usually the quietest travel weeks and the best time to get a bargain.”

Other tips for upgrading hotel rooms

Sign up for your hotel loyalty plan

Hotels love to reward members. If you frequently want to stay in one or two hotel chains, signing up as a member can help.

Check in later in the day

Later that day, staff will get better ideas about what is available.

Customers paying for larger rooms are unlikely to upgrade you in the morning when they may come.

On the other hand, if check-in is too late, these upgrades may already be available.

Let them know it’s a special occasion

If you are celebrating, please let the hotel staff know. At least you can get a free bottle of champagne.

Stay in a new hotel

New hotels are likely to have fewer guests, which is likely to increase free space. They will be keen to show off their best facilities.

They can also come after a good review-upgrades are often born.


No matter what you say, if you aren’t polite to the staff, they won’t reward you. Needless to say, the staff at the hotel of choice is always kind and comfortable.