A freelance travel agency who stole nearly € 29,000 from 31 holiday makers was sentenced to imprisonment with suspended sentence.

Lawyer Kelly Kilpatrick (34) told the judge Martin Nolan At the Dublin circuit Criminal court In 2017 Kilpatrick began proposing to arrange discounted vacations to make friends.

A Dublin woman used her experience working in the corporate travel industry to take discounted package trips and travel breaks.Detective Garda John Tathill Said Jane Murphy BL, prosecution, the word spread to friends in holiday trading, and defendants became more and more busy until things were “out of control.”

Holiday plans include cruise trips, continental breaks, long-haul flights, and Spain When Portugal..

Kilpatrick was unable to track payments and began using deposits paid by customers to complete the cost of other bookings. Some holidays are only partially paid or not booked at all. In some cases, Kilpatrick forged receipts and confirmations of bookings.

The holiday maker noticed a problem before the vacation, but others just realized that the hotel room or return flight wasn’t booked and arrived at an overseas destination.

Toxic relationship

DtGda Tuthill agrees to defend his defense counsel John Griffin BL who contacted Gardai about the fraud because Kilpatrick “wants to clear his conscience” and cooperated fully with the subsequent investigation. She told investigators that she began offering her vacation as a way to make her friends after returning to Dublin from a “toxic relationship” in the United Kingdom.

Dt Gda Tuthill said there was no evidence that Kilpatrick used the money to fund a luxury lifestyle and never made money on his own.

“It was the web she couldn’t get out of,” he said. He said in an interview that Kilpatrick expressed her remorse and acknowledged the pain she caused to her victims.

Kilpatrick of St. Aon Gas Estate, Tarato He was charged with 54 thefts committed between April 2017 and August 2018. She then pleaded guilty to eight samples, taking into account other numbers.

According to Dt Gda Tuthill, the total amount stolen was € 28,904 and the amount from individuals ranged from € 300 to € 1,900.

Griffin told the court that his client was previously involved in a toxic and violent relationship. Ireland.. When this was over, she went to England, where she was once again involved in a similar type of relationship.

Griffin said that when Kilpatrick returned to Dublin in 2017, she had no friends or confidence and was trying to start over and found it difficult. He said she found that she could connect with people and make them happy by helping her get a really cheap holiday.

He said his clients lacked the business insight to maintain it when the plan was just as busy and was caught up in a debt spiral.

Criminal record

The court heard that Kilpatrick’s only previous conviction was the theft of a £ 239,000 worth of mobile phone in Reading in 2016. England..Griffin said when his client was working Vodafone And her then partner “learned” to participate in the scam by processing phone orders.

He asked the court to show generosity, and his client said she had done everything she could to make amends. He states that she was ashamed of her actions and lived her simple life in order to save the € 25,000 she brought to her court to offer to her victims. rice field.

He said there was a good person from a decent family behind this unpleasant Kilpatrick. “She really regrets the pain she caused,” he said.

Judge Nolan Kilpatrick said, “Stolen Peter and pay Paul.” He said Garda’s very fair evidence is that the defendant is unlikely to re-offend.

Kilpatrick sobbed when Judge Nolan concluded that she would not be imprisoned. He suspended his three-year sentence, provided that € 25,000 was handed over and an additional € 3,000 was collected and paid indemnity the following year.