Roads are expected to be congested as the Platinum Jubilee weekend begins (Matthew Cooper / PA) (PA Wire)

UK roads are expected to be congested as the four-day Bank Holiday weekend begins and 19 million drivers are expected to go to the road in the next few days.

This is because airports across the UK are struggling to meet half-year demand, forcing hopeful vacationers to wait in long lines, and some airports are facing cancellations. Because.

Approximately 10,794 flights will depart from the UK airport between Thursday and Sunday, but passengers will be wary of further confusion.

According to AA President Edmund King, drivers need to be prepared for delays around supermarkets and other shopping centers.

Andy Marchant, a traffic expert at location technology company TomTom, warns drivers that “high levels of traffic” are expected on UK roads and travels after noon or 8 pm to avoid the worst lines. I advised you to do it.

City of London Police warned that roads would be closed in the capital from Thursday night to Friday afternoon as the royal family attended a Thanksgiving worship at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Meanwhile, many roads will be closed at the Jubilee Street Party, which will be held on Sunday.

    (PA wire)

(PA wire)

A brief poll of 12 councils by the Municipal Association reported over the weekend showed that they approved more than 1,000 street parties.

Nationally estimated, it could mean more than 16,000 festive washbasins.

Minister of Transport as the chaotic scene continues at a British airport Grant Shaps It warns aviation industry leaders that they must “little by little” to solve the problem.

Mr. Shaps and Aviation Minister Robert Coates led what the Department of Transportation (DfT) described Wednesday as a “productive meeting” with industry figures representing airports, airlines and ground handling companies.

Mr. Chaps warned that the resource burden of this sector “does not allow under-planned or overbooked flights that they (airlines) cannot operate.”

He described the airport scene with delays and cancellations as “painful” because some vacationers wanted their first trip abroad after the pandemic.

    (PA wire)

(PA wire)

Over 150 UK flights were canceled on Wednesday.

Mr. Chaps warned airline leaders that such turmoil could not be repeated during the summer, and emphasized concerns that airline passengers were unfairly selling vacation tickets.

He said he would continue to discuss options for introducing automatic refunds for passengers.

We are very clear – run the service properly, on schedule or provide prompt and appropriate compensation

Minister of Transport Grant Shaps

He said the companies that experienced the most turmoil “need to learn from the people who run the service smoothly,” and vowed to continue to monitor the situation closely.

“We’ve made the necessary changes for the sector to prepare for the summer, but now the industry needs to work on it little by little,” he and Court said.

He added: “We are very clear. We will either perform the service properly on schedule or provide prompt and appropriate compensation. We would like to see this repeat in the summer, the first summer season after Covid. No. We will meet again in the coming weeks to understand the progress. “

British Airways CEO Tim Alderslaid said the problem wasn’t “airline problems, airport problems, government problems”, but “eventually we have to work together to resolve this.” Must be. “

Those who attended the meeting were included British AirwaysEasyJet and TUI Airways – All of these have been canceled – while the airport is included GatwickBirmingham, Bristol, Luton, Newcastle.

According to aviation data company Cirium, flight 377 from a UK airport was canceled in seven days until Tuesday.

The aviation industry is suffering from a staff shortage after sending thousands of people during a coronavirus pandemic.

Airlines and airports have repeatedly sought sector-specific financial support during the Covid-19 crisis as government travel restrictions curbed demand.

They are currently recruiting new workers and struggling to handle security checks.

DfT said the government and the aviation industry will form a working group to “solve common concerns together” prior to summer vacation.

At a meeting on Wednesday, Mr. Chaps and the court promised that the government would continue to support the sector and a better package offered within the industry to help build a resilient workforce to meet demand. It is said that he emphasized that he asked for.