The Home Office has denied that the new passenger arrival app is buggy, despite hundreds of bitter reviews from users complaining about using the new passenger arrival app.

Australians returning from an international trip arrive with a detailed online form, including passport details, vaccine certificate, and upload of negative COVID-19 test results, along with all other arrivals, including those in transit. Must be filled in before.

However, the Australian Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD) app has exploded since it was released in mid-February because it didn’t work properly.

The app has a rating of just 1.3 out of 5 on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, and users complain that the app doesn’t work or takes too long to type.

“Complete trash,” “meaningless,” and “horrifying” were just a few of the typical comments in app user reviews.

“It’s definitely one of the worst apps I’ve ever had to deal with,” wrote one user. “It took more than an hour to do something that could be checked on a piece of paper in less than three minutes.”

Details range from users who have problems uploading PDF documents (most vaccine and test result certificate formats) to users who fail to recognize their passwords and screens that are randomly blank during the process. ..

Screenshots of BorderForce's Digital Passenger Declaration app

DPD uses the camera of your mobile phone to scan your passport and attempt to read the biometric data contained in the passport chip.

Others have complained that the app still requires internet access after filling out the form and it is difficult to show it to check-in staff at overseas airports if Wi-Fi is not available.

However, the Home Office denied that there was a major problem with the app, despite the complaint.

“All passengers can use the web or mobile apps to complete the DPD. There are no” bugs “that prevent them from doing so,” said a spokesman.

The app and web form are designed to allow visitors to pass immigration without presenting a negative vaccine certificate or COVID-19 test result to border authorities.

If the Digital Passenger Declaration is submitted correctly, Australian passengers can enter the country using SmartGate at the airport as they did before the pandemic.

A spokesman said the DPD would be updated, despite denying that the digital declaration was buggy.

“User feedback is being actively monitored and reviewed. We have and will continue to improve our DPD application over the next few months,” a spokeswoman said.

According to the Ministry of Interior, more than 630,000 passengers have successfully submitted DPDs since its launch on February 15, with approximately 17,000 submitted daily.

Passengers who have completed or only partially completed DPD will be referred to border force personnel for manual checking of documents, according to a spokeswoman.

Here are some tips for using the app, based on some of the most common complaints found in user reviews.

No need to print a PDF and take a photo

One of the most common complaints about this app is that it doesn’t accept PDF files. The PDF file is in a format that most people receive a vaccine certificate and negative COVID-19 test results (not required after April 17th). The app accepts PDFs and many users report that they can only upload images (JPG or PNG files). This allows people looking for a place to print a copy of the PDF while on vacation, so they can take a picture and upload it.

There is an easier way. Just open the PDF on your mobile phone and take a screenshot. To do this on your iPhone, press the side button and volume up button at the same time, or press the side button and home button at the same time (depending on the iPhone model).Please refer to More detailed explanation here.. For Samsung devices, the method of taking screenshots depends on the model.look Click here for details..

When you take a screenshot, it will be saved in your photo and you can upload it to your DPD from there.

Can’t click “Agree”?Scroll down

App pages, such as the Information Gathering Consent page, contain a large section of text in the window.[同意する]If you can’t click the button to go to the next screen, it may be because you haven’t read all the text.In the app[同意する]You need to scroll to the bottom of the text before clicking.

Screenshots of BorderForce's Digital Passenger Declaration app

Always scroll down so that the following fields appear at the top of the screen

Once you enter the country information, the app will search for a given list that will appear as a drop-down menu below the field. However, if the field isn’t scrolling down to appear at the top of the screen, the keyboard obscures the drop-down option. If you just type in the name of the country and press Enter instead of selecting something from the dropdown, the field will be blank and you will have to enter the details again.

So make sure you actually see the dropdown on the screen and scroll down so you can select from it.

Screenshots of BorderForce's Digital Passenger Declaration app

Take a screenshot of the overview page

Border forces are encouraged to print a summary page after completing the form. Printing pages can be a daunting task for most people, as they are more likely to fill out forms on their mobile phones abroad.

Instead, use the screenshot feature (above) to get a photo of the overview page (the overview occupies multiple screens on your phone, so you may need multiple screenshots). We hope that the staff will be happy at check-in as you will not be able to access the app without internet access. If you do not have roaming or Wi-Fi at the airport, you will not be able to see the overview page for your staff.