As employers struggle to hire, they have to fight the benefits that their future workers want most: time, more specifically time away from work.

You see it in a survey reporting support for benefits such as: 4 days a week Also Company-wide shutdown In the name of mental health.

Seven Rooms, a tech hospitality company, is raising ante with another type of bonus. As of January 1, new employees will take two weeks of paid leave (and health insurance coverage) before starting their first day at the company. ..

Paul McCarthy, Chief Human Resources Officer at Seven Rooms, said the plan was finalized last summer as employers became more eager for more demanding job seekers. More burnout syndrome, More than ever.Many employers support talent crunches offer Big contracts, high salaries, flexibility and other perks.

But when Seven Rooms began adopting overdrive in late 2021, McCarthy said, “I’ve heard a lot of people struggle to balance the time of their lives. They want to do it. It was burning out among the choices I had to make. To work. “

He heard the workers jump into a new job but soon burned out. After all, not everyone can take a vacation without a salary. Employers can help people to spend time for themselves and not be financially burdened to do so.

McCarthy said that giving new employees two weeks before the first day of paid time under SevenRooms’ “fresh start” policy “shows that we are devoted to our choices, and that time is me. It’s the most valuable thing for all of us. “

Pre-PTO benefits may become more common. New employees at PR agency Mike World Wide will take a week of paid leave before they start. CNN report.. If a worker retires and is notified four weeks in advance, the company will provide an additional week’s salary from the last day.

SevenRooms also offers employees unlimited paid leave, but its benefits also have its drawbacks.some Survey shows Workers with unlimited leave will end up in fewer days than those with traditional caps. “Unlimited PTOs don’t make sense if you don’t take them,” says McCarthy.

Therefore, under the vacation policy revised in 2022, SevenRooms actually sets the minimum number of days employees need to take off each year and encourages people to take longer breaks to fully charge. Motivated.

Employees who have been with the company for up to 5 years are required to take two consecutive vacations twice a year, from January to June and from July to December for five consecutive days.

Employees with a tenure of five years or more are required to take 10 consecutive days off in the first half and another 10 days in the second half.

And more companies can encourage employees to take long breaks. In the spring of 2021, PwC $ 250 vacation bonus Employees who take 40 consecutive hours of leave at a time are given an incentive of up to $ 1,000 per quarter for a total of $ 1,000 per year.

According to McCarthy, Seven Rooms currently has about 200 employees worldwide and will grow to 300 by the middle of the year. We have hired 16 new employees since January 1st, all of whom are participating in the Fresh Start Program. Many said they spent their time visiting friends and family they had never seen during a pandemic. Others said it was a break from their first meaningful work in a few years.

As of February, 71% of Seven Rooms employees have already scheduled PTO hours this year.

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