A consortium of leading travel agencies (they are so good at their work that they prefer to be called “travel advisors”), Virtuoso It is the most famous organization of this kind in luxury travel spaces. Advisor membership is invitation-only, and after decades of growth and reputation building, the US-based association now has more than 1,200 travel agencies and 20,000 travel advisors in more than 50 countries. It contains.

Four years ago, Virtuoso was a tool for clients. Wonderlist It helps travelers and families to narrow down, plan, and schedule goals for their bucket list. To that end, Virtuoso agency advisors send online surveys to all members of the “Travel Circle,” meaning groups that want to spend their vacation together, such as family, friends, and clubs. Each participant answers questions about their desired destination and experience, analyzes the results and creates a suggested roadmap for future travel. With all these wonderlist questionnaires, Virtuoso can also track the most desirable states for domestic vacations and the countries of international travel each season and observe these trends. They have just announced the results of this summer’s trip.

Top 10 US Destinations in Summer 2022

1. California

2. Hawaii

3. Florida

4. Massachusetts

5. Colorado

6. Washington

7. Montana

8. South Carolina

9. New York

10. Alaska

Hawaii, New York, and Massachusetts have always been popular summer destinations, but this data observed by Virtuoso has some interesting new trends. The big problem is that while traditional winter ski destinations like Colorado and Montana have emerged as high-demand summer playgrounds, contrary to this trend, the warm southeastern part of South Carolina and Florida. Florida is a hot and humid month with seasonal winter popularity. In both cases, despite its growing popularity, it is still in the “off-season” and you can beat the crowd and find some deals.

On the other hand, Alaska, which was basically off limits last year, ranked in the top 10 without considering the cruising season that most travelers experience the state. This fits into the greater tendency of people to act faster on bucket list trips caused by pandemics. Alaska is a good example of where many people want to go “someday”. Thanks to COVID, someday it is now. Overall, according to Virtuosos, California is a summer travel path by “providing amazing diversity throughout the state, from vast beaches to culturally rich cities,” not to mention one of the country’s leading wine regions. Is leading.

Top 10 World Destinations in Summer 2022

1. United States

2. Italy

3. France

4. Canada

5. Greece

6. United Kingdom

7. Spain

8. Mexico

9. Ireland

10. Switzerland

Domestic travel explodes during the pandemic, with interest in national parks and natural wonders, along with emerging popular tourist cities such as Nashville and Austin, and older popular spots such as San Francisco, New Orleans, and especially Las Vegas. Remains very strong. And attractions. But according to Virtuoso, while Americans continue to explore the wonders of the United States, apparently the most exciting thing among travelers is their return to Europe’s summer vacation after a two-year hiatus. is. So far, stagnation in demand seems to outweigh the concerns associated with the Ukrainian conflict in seven of the top ten destinations in Europe. Neighboring Canada, which was off limits to US travelers last summer, quickly returned to the top half of the list.

It’s no wonder Italy is number one among the European countries. Because Italy is usually the number one dream destination for Americans in every travel survey each year. But before the pandemic, old favorites such as Venice are already overtourists, and hot summer areas such as the Amalfi Coast are very popular with this year’s Virtuoso bookings and are almost sold out, but I’m a person. We recommend going to a remote location. It’s worth visiting every corner of Italy, but I’m personally fascinated by the Dolomites. The Dolomites is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning natural beauty, full of charming towns and excellent food. Even if its popularity grows dramatically, it remains a little hidden gem. I wrote about a winter trip in Forbes, a world-class ski destination in the region. Much of the information applies in the summer.. I also recommend Puglia in the Far South, great weather, historic, great food, and a very different landscape with Italy’s largest olive oil producing region.

Switzerland is a small country, but there are many great big cities and small mountain towns that are easily accessible from remote areas. I will go in June. Spain is a much larger country, and skipping touristy places like Barcelona, ​​you’ll have lots of great options, including great hotels, great food, and many gorgeous beaches. Majorca, which has long been popular with the British, is one of Spain’s most popular destinations for American travelers, and United will launch its first direct flight from Newark to the United States in June. I’ll be there next week to see what the fuss is.

But ask an expert like a travel advisor to really make the best choice about where to go in these destinations. I know a honeymooner who wanted to go to Greece this summer. Greece is very popular, especially the most famous small and packed islands such as Santorini and Mykonos. So I sent a friend to a top advisor. Top Advisor is the largest Greek island of Crete, with ample capacity to handle a variety of attractions, the best accommodation, and more tourism. The southern islands closest to Turkey, such as Rhodes, are also often overlooked.

I’ve written in Forbes in the past about why you should use a travel agency / advisor when you think you’re familiar with travel and internet use. You can know in detail, Take a look at this three-part series Hooray.Recently I wrote this work “Five reasons why you need a travel agency-more than ever.” The bottom line is that a good travel agency will almost certainly improve your travel experience. When something goes wrong (flight cancellation, illness, natural disaster, war), you will almost certainly get better results. It’s much more likely to enable your dream trip, especially in the most popular places, as it is today, when travel demand is skyrocketing and supply is limited. In some cases, you can also save money.

With top-notch clients and annual sales of $ 25-30 billion, Virtuoso is a powerhouse in the luxury travel industry, enjoying special benefits from hotels, cruise lines and other travel partners. increase. For example, you can book for yourself and stay at a Four Seasons or St. Regis hotel, or you can have an advisor stay at the same price and get a negotiated and contractually guaranteed Virtuoso “amenity package.” increase. These are generally worth $ 200- $ 300 and usually include room upgrades, a free daily breakfast, welcome gifts such as chocolate, wine and champagne, free nights, private airport transfers and club floor upgrades. , Spa treatments are also included. This is basically a bonus you get just by using an advisor. Virtuoso has such favorable relationships with over 2,200 of the world’s best hotels and resorts, cruise lines, airlines and tour companies, as people in the travel industry want the best advisors to use them. Access to the best local guides and ground. Staff all over the world.