Themed rooms nowadays have a bit of a spectrum, from tasty flamingo-printed walls and chic tufted sofas to authentic pink fur everywhere. It depends on how important words such as “luxury” and “modern” are to you. Margaret and Corey were working with the homeowners, so they had to balance their appetite for kitsch with what the owners felt more palatable. Margaret argued that one fur wall wasn’t enough, but he compromised on other aspects, such as softening the vegetation in the green “jungle” room.

“The theme room is called entry level. [and sought] To find something that has a theme but isn’t too aggressive, “says Margaret. “We think of some of our friends and family who may be a little unfamiliar with the subject. They want things to feel clean and modern. What do they say if they stay here? Do you? “

The green room was a toned-down interpretation of the jungle themes Margaret and Corey that are common in honeymoon hotels.

Photo: Pretty Cool Hotel Tour / Margaret Bienato

“I’ve wanted more plants several times. [the owners] “Well, I don’t want to hit my face when I come in” or “OK, are you sure?” Margaret laughs.

Photo: Pretty Cool Hotel Tour / Margaret Bienato

Grandpa’s pool house leans a bit on the fun of retro extremists, with artificial turf, wig-clad mannequins, 70’s brown bathrooms, and lots of pool floats. She can dive into the pool wearing one of the wedding dresses she bought with goodwill. Like Margaret and Corey’s Rainbow Getaway and Haley’s Pastel Penthouse, Eva has no construction experience, but participated in the project with a very clear vision of escape and fun. She listened to podcasts and YouTube videos, but most remodeling and vacation rental advice doesn’t apply if she’s talking about wall fur or basement motorcycles.

“It was like,’Don’t put out too much junk, otherwise it will be robbed.’ I have junk everywhere,” Eva recalls. “Or you need something simple and clean, like a white towel or white sheets. I recommend it. I realized that it wasn’t the route I went to.”

Ironically, these nostalgic escapes wouldn’t really be possible without the internet and social media. Where else do you learn how to cover the walls of a room with pink fur before YouTube? Apps like Peerspace and platforms like Instagram have spread the word to all fashion photographers and groups of women looking for a bachelorette party destination. “I didn’t need another third party to help market or promote it,” says Eva. “Social media has done all that work for me.”

The Rainbow GetawayDaisy Room was inspired by the patterns found in Society 6, one of Margaret and Corey’s sponsors. “I don’t think I’ve done anything in yellow before,” Margaret told Clever about addressing the homeowner’s desire to have a yellow room. “It was one of the ways it worked.”

Photo: Pretty Cool Hotel Tour / Margaret Bienato