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A studio-run theme park is standard, but there is one studio that actually needs to be located in front and in the center.

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Warner Bros. has a great library

In addition to Looney Tunes, Warner Bros. has created several incredible movies and series that create incredible rides and immersive lands for theme park patrons. Still, the studio does not use the library for its own purposes.

Here are just a few of the amazing properties that TimeWarner owns:

  • Harry Potter (more on this later)
  • Aquaman, Batman (more on this later), and the DC Universe
  • Lord of the Ring
  • matrix
  • terminator
  • Ready player one
  • Godzilla
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Dunes
  • Mad max
  • Polar Express
  • tomb Raider
  • Lego movies

Immersive lands like Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge and Universal’s Hogsmead / Diagon Alley are new standards. The Lord of the Rings (a new series on Amazon) is a great place to develop a flagship site that will drop visitors to Middle-earth. It’s not my favorite movie series, but from the visitor’s point of view, it helps a lot of natural, obvious and memorable experiences.

Universal Studios Annual Pass Holder Diagon Alley

Similarly, regaining elements of the unlicensed DC Universe (live-action show Aquaman) could make something unique in Wonder Woman or the Suicide Squad series, and a lot of support from movie fans these days. I have.

Terminator is a combination of a clear 4D screen and a trackless vehicle that pleases and scares visitors. Godzilla, Mad Max and Tomb Raider also make sense. Ready Player One can also be a fairly immersive experience. Not only was Dune a huge success, he is also working on a sequel and companion series.

The Matrix is ​​ideal not only for roller coasters, but also for indoor rides and experiences.

Generally speaking, only a handful of Time Warner’s top 50 movies can be great theme parks.

Six Flags does not cut it

Six Flags Theme Parks (20 worldwide) are actively taking up Looney Tunes and have been owned by Time Warner and its corporate groups for quite some time. They also incorporate the DC Universe with limited capacity, but Six Flags doesn’t feel like Warner Bros. Park, it feels like a theme park with several brands of vehicles. Universal and Disney do a much better job of truly engaging guests in the cinematic experience.

Six Flags-Warner Bros.-Joker

Six Flags-Warner Bros.

Don’t get me wrong. Six Flags has attractive rides, a disposable Skipline Pass (Flash Pass), and pricing options to help those who prefer a weekday theme park experience. But they aren’t imaginative and wonder if a trip to Universal Park or Disney Park will do so.

Six Flags is much more widely available (locations around the world), but it doesn’t feel like a once-in-a-decade or once-in-a-lifetime trip like others offer. But it was possible.

License agreement

One of the problems with Time Warner providing a truly comprehensive experience is that it allows many uses of the franchise for use in other parks. For example, Harry Potter, now synonymous with Universal, was finally licensed to a studio competing for park rides for $ 300 million. Judging by the number of people going to Universal for this, it seems like a lost opportunity.

Lego has its own theme park and it’s difficult to take advantage of its own Lego movie franchise that has seen some of the most profitable movies in the studio (only two movies, the Lego Movie and the Lego Batman). Brought nearly $ 1 billion to Warner.

The DC Universe has grown exponentially over the last 10 to 2 years and has built up loyal supporters who can build the entire park, but Six Flags has these rights even if it is underutilized. ..

By selling that right to some of the greatest opportunities, Time Warner has joined hands and missed the opportunity to do something in a legendary way and in its own way. Demand for theme parks is still high. Universal has expanded to Orlando’s third gate. This gate will be the same size as the entire existing complex consisting of a city walk, a water park, and two parks with numerous hotels. Disney hasn’t shown ambitions for Orlando’s fifth gate, but ambitions in Shanghai show that the bigger the better, especially in the ever-expanding overseas market.


Time Warner has basically focused on building truly compelling theme park options by licensing out some of the best content. Half the years of measures at Six Flags are not comparable to modern and immersive theme parks. Warner needs to rethink the park and its license agreements to create a truly memorable experience for fans.

What do you think? Does Warner need to open his own truly immersive theme park? Need to enhance Six Flags instead?