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Unlike their royal tours, British royal vacations are usually private.But I know some of Princess Margaret’s favorite places Love of Mustik Island (She owned a villa there!) Repeated trips to Prince Harry’s Botswana (he took the famous Megan Markle) Their third day in the country).

Read the list of popular vacation spots for the British royal family.

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Mustique Island, St. Vincent

On their third date, Megan and Harry traveled to Botswana. “We camped each other under the stars,” Harry recalled in their joint engagement interview. “We were really just ourselves. It was very important to me to make sure we had the opportunity to get to know each other.” Talk about a romantic vacation!

Reportedly Meno Akwena, Near McGaddy Kugadipan National Park. Sussexes returned the following year to celebrate Meghan’s birthday in the country.

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana took their sons William and Harry to Mallorca in 1987, where they stayed in the Spanish royal family. Diana loved it so much, she came back the following year.

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Prince Charles loves skiing in Klosters in the Swiss Alps. He even has two chairlifts named after him. (But Camilla, unlike Diana, doesn’t like skiing.) Klosters is also famous as the first place in the world to learn that Prince William is dating Kate Middleton.

Famous for skiing, Klosters is beautiful during the summer and has plenty of hiking trails and outdoor activities.

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The Isles of Scilly is an archipelago off Cornwall that Cambridge has visited many times. There is some history there. Prince William visited Isles at an early age with his parents and siblings. It is the only tropical island in the UK and, according to their tourist destinations, is “very beautiful, uncrowded and untouched.” He sounds like a perfect vacation spot.

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Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Last but not least, it’s definitely important. The British royal family’s favorite summer vacation spot is in the Scottish Highlands of Balmoral Castle. Queen Elizabeth spends there every August, and various members of her family come to spend part of the month with her.

“I think Grandma is the happiest there. I think she really, really loves Highland,” her granddaughter Princess Eugenie said in a documentary. Our 90 year old queen.. “Walks, picnics, dogs-lots of dogs, always dogs-and people are always in and out. It’s a nice base for grandma and grandpa. Breathe and run.”

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