May 10

Reports of intrusion and theft in the residential garage on 8th Avenue, evidence of footprints in and out of the premises. The property manager tried to tow the jeep on 7th Avenue, claiming it was an ongoing problem.

May 11

A worried tenant on 1st Street reported hearing someone hitting the wall outside her window. A report that a cream-colored Isuzu reckless driver on 9th Avenue may have fallen asleep behind the car. Report of a gaseous odor generated from a rainwater pipe near a high school soccer field. Reported that the student was spraying the bus driver with an ax body spray, the driver demanded that the police remove the chaotic student from the bus. Report of a weed wacker stolen on 8th Avenue.

May 12

There were no reports of a car being breached or anything of value stolen, but the potential thief ate a sip of pizza left in the car.

May 13

Report of a vacant vehicle running on a residential fence on 3rd Avenue, where the person in charge offered to repair the damage. Oral discussions between couples intensified at the bar on 9th Avenue.

May 14th

Report of drunk driving on 13th Avenue. Report that the motorcycle was stolen on 8th Avenue.

May 15

Report of chaotic behavior on A Street, the reporting party was not involved, but police involved a case in which a known son, who could be violent, was upset and did not approve his mother’s boyfriend. I told him that he did.

May 16th

Reports of tools stolen from the workplace, including Sawz-all. A woman broke her arm on Half Moon Road.

May 17th

The store manager reported seeing a drunken woman drive away in a green Toyota truck with a Colorado plate. A report that a known sex offender thrust his four-wheeled vehicle into the side of a truck, carried no weapons, and escaped on foot near a bridge on Highway 2.

May 18

They were Australians on vacation, according to two reports taking pictures of the children in the park. Report of a car fire on River Road and a fire on the surrounding lawn. Perhaps the ammunition in the backseat is making a “pop-out sound”.

May 19th

Reported children “jumping and assaulting” to other children in Columbus Park, reporting that parents of allegedly victims refused medical treatment.

May 20

Reported by a man screaming for murder threats on Nuclears Avenue, the reporting party believed it was related to mental health and demanded that he check his weapons.

May 21

Reports of children having broken homemade go-karts in Nuclears. They were warned not to drive on public roads and offered to wait until their father got them back.

May 22

A report of a chaotic man who was upset by someone driving a Tesla. The real estate manager complained that the tenant was smoking in his rental property. A report that an 18-year-old woman threatens to “fight” with the reporting party. When they came back, they found a broken window.