The best travel memento smells like vacation

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On a refreshing afternoon in New Orleans, I spent some time walking down the aisle of the gift shop. Trinkets and tchotchkes were on every shelf, but my love for candles drew me on their way. Without worrying, I lifted each one up to my nose, inhaled, and then moved to another location.

A local guide to New Orleans

The scent was floral and musk. I couldn’t arrange it well, but I remembered taking a walk on my honeymoon that week. The scent of flowers in each garden harmonizes and covers the city with unique magic.

I bought a candle, left the store and met my husband again. I didn’t know it at the time, but I came up with a new tradition to bring when traveling around the world.

Every time I visit a new city, I go out to buy candles at the beginning of my trip. Find a scent that embodies the newly discovered environment and burn candles at your hotel or accommodation. As the days went by, I began to associate the scent with the city, and at the end of my stay, I packed candles and took them home and burned whenever I wanted to.

New Orleans smells like a walk in lychee flowers, copal, and garden districts to me. Paris has a scent of huckleberries, black musk and midnight in the 2nd arrondissement. Los Angeles smells like eucalyptus. Chicago smells like sandalwood. Like Charleston, a fig.

It is common sense that our sense of smell is strongly intertwined with our memory. Neuroscientists are doing research to find out exactly why, including the olfactory bulb, amygdala, and hippocampus. according to To Scientific American. “Empirical evidence shows that odor-induced memories are more emotional” and “related to stronger emotions of being returned to time” one study found.

As a traveler, I think it’s something to use.

Companies are using this science. Today, hotels have a special scent, and it is common to pump perfume into the lobby or room and sell candles behind the front desk.Gramercy Park Hotel Bounced off Le Labo’s Santal 26 will be in cult status in New York City and beyond. Homesick We built the entire brand around candles that smell like a house. And the gorgeous perfume Diptyque is known for dropping limited editions.City collection, “Each candle is usually only available in the corresponding city. Their Berlin flames combine acacia, linden trees and honey, and Tokyo boasts cypress, incense and ginger.

I have tried all the classic travel souvenirs. Shot glasses from various spring break destinations line my cupboard, but magnets from Seoul and Havana decorate my fridge. But once unpacked, souvenirs are rarely important again, if you’re really honest here.

Bringing the sentimental scent home is a souvenir that will continue to be given even after the candle wick burns to the bottom. I now ordered the same candles from New Orleans every year for my wedding anniversary and went back in time with one spark. The scent of candles wraps around the memories of your trip.

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