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Purchasing your first backpacking setup can be exorbitant and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

This is likely to be the first time that they are fully responsible for cleaning water, food and homes, and there is an entire industry dedicated to making the process as light and easy as possible. Here are nine gears to help you relieve stress and enjoy your first trip of the season.

Granite Gear Lutsen 45 Backpack ($ 200)

(Provided by Granite Gear)

It’s a good idea to buy a simple, slightly smaller backpacking pack for your first backpack. Ratsen.. It will not only save you money, but will also help you form bad packing habits. If the pack is large, it can be filled with unwanted stuff. With a small pack (think 45-55 liters), you can put what you need there, leaving a layer of extra clothing and staff bags. This will make your luggage lighter and you will be grateful for the third day and 30 miles.

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The North Face Cats Mu 4 sleeping bag ($ 160- $ 190)

(The North Face courtesy)

There is much debate (even among experienced gear nerds) about the benefits of down and synthetic sleeping bags. Don’t get hooked on it.My first backpacking sleeping bag was the North Face Cat’s mu synthetic model from the early days, and I suggest the latest (4th generation) Cat meow For you today. It’s heavier than the down counterpart, but much cheaper. And it gets warm even when it gets wet. I soaked my sleeping bag most of the time as a result of user mistakes regarding tent tarping and setup. This is more likely to happen if you are a beginner.

Tip: Buy a sleeping bag that is rated at least 10 degrees below the temperature you plan to camp on.

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REI Half Dome 2 Tent ($ 200)

(Provided by REI)

This tent It is the mainstay of the backpacking community for good reason. It is cheap and spacious and has two entrances. As a beginner, having a front door is huge — it gives you a little extra space to spread your gear out of the tent and prepare when you’re heading for the rain.

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MSR MiniWorks EX Micro Filter ($ 90)

(Provided by MSR)

This is not Cheapest water filter Around, I found it to be the best value. After all, ensuring access to clean water is one of the most important aspects of backpacking. I’m a fan of physical pump filters like MiniWorks. Because they are user-friendly and stop moving water when the filter fails. Both factors greatly reduce the chance of user error.

There are no laws regulating the ability of outdoor water purifiers to purify water. You can put socks in a PVC pipe and sell it as a purifier. Therefore, it is especially important to use a trusted brand such as MSR rather than a bargain filter. Search online.If there is absolutely no way you can spend $ 90 on a filter for your first backpacking kit (I didn’t have), then a reputable chemistry like Drinking aqua chlorine dioxide Unless you use them in very muddy water or rely on them for months at a time, do the trick absolutely.

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Jetboil MightyMo stove ($ 50)

(Provided by Jetboil)

Small canister top stove like This is from Jetboil Is a cheap, lightweight and user-friendly cooking option for your first backpacking trip. This small 3.3-ounce unit slides into a small corner of the pack, but thanks to the 10,000 BTU output, it boils the water in oatmeal surprisingly quickly. The MightyMo ignites at the push of a button and easily twists into the fuel source.

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Adventure Medical Kit. 5 Ultralight & Waterproof First Aid Kit ($ 19)

(Courtesy of Adventure Medical Kit)

I am a big supporter of ready-made first aid kits such as This one, I have traveled with me for years. I always prefer to start with off-the-shelf kits, so if you just want to bring two backcountry, you don’t have to buy the entire butterfly closure pack. The Adventure Medical Kit has a variety of great options that you need to investigate based on your needs. I love this because it’s lightweight and very versatile between sports.

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Backpackers Pantry 3 Day Meal Kit ($ 85)

(Provided by Backpackers Pantry)

Preparing a gourmet meal on an alpine lake sounds romantic, but if you’ve never been there, a backpacking trip is likely to turn it into a disaster. My advice: Don’t get hooked on your food yet.Ready-made freeze-dried dinners like countless offerings from Backpackers Pantry Get rid of guesswork from getting your calories on a trip, and you can criticize the deliciousness.

If you’re looking for a budget option, find enough whiskey a day to keep me happy on top ramen, bulk trail mix, instant oatmeal, snickers bars, and backpacking trips. The important thing is to prepare to eat everything directly from the package or to use boiling water as the only ingredient.

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Smart water bottle ($ 6)

(Provided by Smartwater)

Nalgenes is great, but when asked for a wide range of thru hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail (I’m holding), Used by the overwhelming majority 1 liter Smartwater bottle As their dependable container. The slim design fits snugly in the side pockets of your backpack. They are also very lightweight and are a great way to save some coins when you promise to drop $ 90 on a water filter.

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Dawn Tough Hiker Full Cushion Socks ($ 23)

(Provided by Darn Tough)

Shoes are the focus of attention in the world of hiking gear, but as a novice backpacker, any comfortable running shoe already in your closet can escape. A few years ago, I spoke with Dr. Paul Langer, a former president of the American Academy of Sport Podiatry. He said it’s okay to use running shoes and day hikers as long as you don’t participate in sports with your existing chronic feet and ankles. problem.

However, do not take off your socks.A solid pair of long-lasting wool socks that wicks moisture and reduces stinks Dawn tough hiker boots full cushion socks Can be your cornerstone to a truly comfortable foot. They move moisture and prevent the formation of blisters. They keep your feet warm in the tent and deal with foot funk enough so that your tent companions don’t want to wear them and sleep. In addition, Darn Tough comes with a ridiculous lifetime warranty that allows you to replace nasty old socks with new socks at the retail stores that sell them.

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