A Texas The father lost one eye after suffering an unusual accident during a hiking trip. Canada..

Ed Steinkamp, ​​67, left on April 30 for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with his 28-year-old son Brett. VictoriaCoast. While roaming along the huge West Coast trail on the third day of trekking, Steinkamp tried to navigate the fallen tree, but soon lost balance and fell to the ground, branching. Closed my eyes.

It is believed that the wound, later determined by the doctor, was so deep that it almost touched his brain.

Steinkamp by his family GoFundMe Campaign Fortunately, as an avid hiker, Pacheedahl First National Guardians were able to airlift to Victoria General Hospital. Sadly, for his injured father, he was forced to wait six hours in desperate pain as the rescue team took six hours to reach him during the refueling outage. ..

Upon entering Victoria General Hospital, a 67-year-old man was rushed to undergo surgery and was treated for brain and eye wounds. After emergency treatment, he was hospitalized in the ICU for several days and is now recovering in the neurotrauma ward of the hospital.

“Ed is currently fighting an infection and is very suffering. He was determined to be blind in one eye and fighting an ongoing fever,” wrote the GoFundMe page. I am.

Ed Steinkamp was hiking with his son Brett in Victoria, Canada. He suffered an unusual accident and then left him without using one of his eyes.

(Go Fund Me)

His wife, Wendy, was able to jump out at the hospital bedside shortly after the accident and join her husband, staying at a nearby hotel with her pair of sons.

The cost of large-scale rescue operations, several days in the ICU, serious surgery, and unusual accidents that led to eye loss total hundreds of thousands of GoFundMe campaigns created by the Steinkamp family and their families. My friend Susan Rowe explained.

“Ed isn’t allowed to fly for months, so they now have to rent a car and drive him all over the country to get home when he’s finally released. Can be huge. There is sex, “writes Mr. Rowe.

We hope that fundraising will help offset some of that cost. She added that there is little that can be done for a man who “has touched much of our lives with kindness and laughter.”

Ed Steinkamp (left) and his son Brett Steinkamp (right) are posing together in the hospital after the horrifying test of a 67-year-old child losing his eyes.

(GoFundMe / Bret Steinkamp)

“When we ask for help, or when we need it, he has never turned down any of us. Come on, help him.”

As of Thursday afternoon, fundraising raised more than $ 17,000 (£ 13,595) out of the $ 200,000 (£ 159,954) goal.