UK: Britain in South East Wales is at the top of the rankings of the best places in the UK to invest in villas. Villa rental agency Sykes Holiday Cottage.

With home price increases currently 12% year-over-year and an average annual return of around £ 20,000, the county autonomous region offers ample long-term potential for anyone considering investing. To do.

Denbighshire and Rhondda Cynon Tuff follow immediately in the new rankings, while the major UK regions on the list include Tyne and Weir and Lancashire.

Bute, Scotland, on the other hand, was fourth. This was the only island in the top 10 in Scotland, but neither Fife nor Dumfriesshire was too late.

Holiday Letting Outlook Report 2022 analyzes Sykes Holiday Cottages revenue data along with current home and home price growth to explore the long-term investment potential of holiday letting across the UK.

Location and equipment are two of the most important factors for a villa’s success, so every property in the area listed needs to be in a good location and provide desirable facilities to increase investment potential. there is.

The report also includes consumer surveys, Sykes bookings, rental data and insights from analytics companies. AirDNATo draw a clear picture of the British villa market.

A quarter according to a poll of British villa owners commissioned for the report [25 per cent] The staycation boom has spurred an increase in the number of second house owners and investors entering the market, and has only begun permits during the pandemic.

In fact, the sector is gaining momentum, with Sykes vacation bookings in 2022 increasing by 35% compared to pre-pandemic levels. This number is expected to surge further as we approach the summer months.

According to a consumer survey, in 84% of vacations, owners say 2022 bookings are stronger than ever, and the same number say this trend will continue to grow over the next five years. I’m confident.

The report also emphasizes that Sykes nearly doubled the number of new owner inquiries from future vacation home investors compared to the same period in 2021 and increased by 78% in 2022.

As Sykes reports more vacations at home, Sykes reports that owners earned £ 28,000 on vacations last year, up from £ 21,000 in 2019.

For those looking for short-term investments, Cumbria and the Lake District topped the list of the most profitable holiday hotspots, according to Sykes’ revenue, with an average holiday revenue of £ 44,000.

Devon and Dorset are just behind the top-earning regions with average annual salaries of £ 35,000 and £ 32,000, respectively, but the Peak District has lost its top spot and fell to fourth place overall. rice field.

[Credit: Sykes Holiday Cottages]

According to Sykes’ analysis, for those looking to maximize their holiday revenue potential, hot tubs are a major funding feature they can have, adding an estimated 49% to their annual revenue.

Income figures also suggest that luxury equipment such as open flames can increase income by an average of 19%.

Graham Donoghue, CEO of Sykes Holiday Cottages, said: And while traveling abroad has become easier and easier, new types of residents are now staying here.

“The numbers speak for themselves. This year’s bookings so far have increased by 35% compared to 2019, and the average income of villa owners has increased by almost the same amount as last year. It shows the amazing investment potential that a villa can bring.

“As the UK travel sector thrives, this will continue to have a positive impact on the economies of countries that rely on tourism, especially in the coastal and rural areas. In fact, the owners we surveyed In nine-tenths of the vacation, we believe tourism will bring great benefits to the area around the villa, “he added.

Jamie Lane, Vice President of Research at AirDNA, said:

“Getting information when the travel industry begins to normalize allows new investors and existing homeowners to make wise decisions, add supplies to the right places, and keep up with changing consumer trends. We will be able to evolve and adapt to provide a memorable experience with unique properties, “he added.

Last week, Sykes Completed reported £ 300m transaction Purchase the controlling shares of Forest Holidays, the owner and operator of the cabin. This move will help accelerate the ambition to become a major UK-focused holiday group with a variety of unique rental accommodations.

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