What does he do? Meet a 23-year-old who turned his blockade hobby into a successful business in just two years.

A young man in Sydney succeeded in turning his bizarre hobby of blocking into a full-time job running his own business.

During the blockade of Covid-19 in 2020, Marcus Moffat flipped the van into a camper van to maintain the occupation.

Two years later, the 23-year-old turned over four cars and rented a fleet to travelers for a living.

Since then, Moffat has hired his first employee and has worked with many subcontractors to help install the van.

Work is underway on two other vehicles and a minibus.

Still, he didn’t expect his business to be so successful.

“I’m from an architect … and I’m always using the tools and enjoying it,” he told NCA NewsWire.

“The first van surprised me. I wanted to pay off the project … I had been booked for 6 months since it was first listed, but I couldn’t really see it as the van came back. .Day.

“Without it, I wouldn’t have worked so hard in the second van and tempted me to put it on the road.”

Since starting the Wonder Camper business, Muscat has procured 50% of the materials used in interiors from the online marketplace Gumtree.

Each vehicle takes about 6 weeks to complete the resident of Cronulla and involves merchants such as electricians and plumbers.

“I noticed that most of the effort was spent on the last 10 percent of the work and the details.

“I wanted to be environmentally friendly, but I wanted to save money because I was a college student, so using the platform cut costs in half.

“I got everything from the camping fridge to the wooden fixtures in the old house, and it all helped.”

With a sentimental touch, Moffat named all vans starting with an “H”. It was inspired by his parents’ honeymoon, which traveled to Australia in a van named “Henry” about 30 years ago.

“I got some ideas from their van … so when I made the first one, I also named it” Henry “,” he joked.

“But they are also Toyota Hiace, so we call them” Henry the Hiace “or” Harlow the Hiace. ” “

According to a Gumtree study, two out of three Australians are on vacation this year, with more than half of them on long Easter weekends.

About 53% of travelers claimed to go on road trips and camping vacations during that period.

Moffat said interest peaked during the Easter holidays and the van was fully booked in April.

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