If you’re wondering what a Disney Cruise line is like and it’s such a unique trip, we love every moment as my family and I went for the first time at the end of April. I was there.

We have been planning a cruise since the beginning of 2020, a little late due to the pandemic, but were excited to embark on a four-night Caribbean adventure on board.

And there are so many things that made it a great vacation. You will love the pool, food and excursions. Just watch a movie under the starry sky of liquor tasting, trivia quizzes, or funnel vision. And your little kids will love the kids club.

This is a complete story about our trip, some great activities, and why we had such a great experience. If you have any questions about Disney Cruise, please leave a comment at the end of the story. I will call you back.

Reasons for choosing Disney Cruise

Disney Dream Atrium Lobby

Our family loves Disney, which was a big reason we booked on the Disney Cruise Line, but it wasn’t the only one.

I’ve been watching Disney movies ever since Fox and hound Came out, I interviewed Performer When Filmmaker For Disney movies, and we’ve been Walt Disney World How many times.

But you don’t have to be a big fan or have kids to enjoy Disney Cruise. There are many more things to do on a cruise besides activities for children.

I met a few characters and watched Disney’s stage shows in the theater, spending most of my time in the pool, riding AduaDuck waterslides, eating ice cream, and checking out Castaway Cay’s beaches and activities. Or just soaked in water. The sun on the deck chair.

It’s like a sea resort, with a full schedule of events to choose from all day long, and can be relaxing or exciting as you wish.

I also love not having to think about the cost of watching sodas, meals and shows, as the main activity of the cruise is included in the price of the cruise. If you want to take a short trip at the harbor, drink alcohol, or dine at a fine dining restaurant such as Remy or Paro, you only have to pay an extra fee.

And we love the cast and crew on board. They are very kind and kind and do not disturb you to provide you with the best experience. The teams that helped us included server Moral F., assistant server Natascha LD, and stateroom host Cassio, but we can’t thank them for taking care of their families. ..

Therefore, I chose Disney Cruise as my first cruise and it was a big hit.

Our cruise adventure

A quiet cove of Disney Dreams
A quiet cove of Disney Dreams

I boarded the Disney Dream around 11:00 am on Monday and the cruise departed at 5 pm. After boarding, I had to check in to the master station for safety instructions. This took only about 5 minutes. After that, I went straight to the buffet cabana.

Cabanas has a great outdoor patio in addition to indoor seating, where you can enjoy your meal. Breakfast and lunch have a very wide range of dishes and desserts that can surprise a late night buffet.

After eating, I went straight to Mickey’s pool and my daughter ran away and slipped. The rooms were ready for guests at 2pm, so I had the opportunity to wander the ship and see the open house on the first day of Disney’s Oceaner Club. Our daughter loved the club, to say the least.

Our room was also quite special. Looking at the boat at the harbor, there was actually a state room 6192, the flag room. The rooms at the end of the ship are fairly standard, but what is special is that the veranda is not only a little larger than the other rooms, but also has the flagpole of the ship. At the harbor, the flag is raised from the bottom, and it has a very unique perspective while looking at the back of the ship both at the harbor and during the voyage.

The luxurious ocean view private room is also wonderful and I plan to book it again someday.

Over the next four nights, I had the opportunity to try all three main dining rooms (animator taste, enchantment garden, royal palace). Late at night, I ate pizza while watching a movie outside and brunched at Paro while looking out. Above the Bahamas sea, and we had a lot of ice cream cones.

On the second day, instead of getting off at Nassau, I explored the ship of the day. It was so quiet that I had more opportunities to go down the waterslides, pick up free deck chairs and explore the boat. There was also a chocolate and liquor tasting, and I was really grateful all day long.

It was one of those rare perfect days, and then there was the third day of the cruise when we landed on Disney’s private islands in the Caribbean.

Castaway Cay

Disney Castaway Cay

On Wednesday morning we woke up, went to Cabana for breakfast and brought everything to get off the boat at Castaway Cay. This is one of the big highlights of Disney Cruise. Because it was their own private island and it was very nice.

I grabbed a beach chair at the Pelican Plunge (a waterslide and playground not far from Cookie’s Too BBQ and Sand Bar) and swam and relaxed for a while.

Then we went on a Stingray adventure to feed Stingray, snorkel for a while, and go parasailing. If you do only one thing on the island, you really have to go parasailing. You go out on a speedboat with a few other guests, they tie you to gear in pairs, and you soar over the water for 5 minutes with stunning views of the islands, boats, and ocean. ..

If you’re nervous, don’t worry, it will rise so gently. The team is incredibly professional. For a great experience on the water, we have to scream very loudly to EK and Rinaldo.

After soaring over the sea, we had lunch at Cookie’s Too while eating delicious barbecue food, returned to the ship until 4 pm, set sail, and returned to the beach until dinner. It was another perfect day, and it’s saying something.

When after thatAfter dinner, the ship spent a pirate night. Most were dressed as pirates, and Disney had a children’s pirate show with Captain Mickey and Captain Hook, followed by a stage show for Jack Sparrow and the pirates. of Caribbean Sea. Then there were fireworks and dance parties, and it’s hard to have a better night, whether you’re a kid or a kid in the heart.

Say goodbye, for now

The last full day of the dream was our day at sea and it was a beautiful day.

Throughout the trip we had almost perfect weather. And on the last day, while her daughter was enjoying the kids club, we drank a few cocktails in the adult-only area and confirmed that the tan was good.

On the final day, I didn’t deliberately make a lot of plans because I wanted the trip to feel like a break. Also, the whole trip felt very long.

In the afternoon, I had a little more time to sit on the balcony, ordered lunch in the room, and shared the festive cupcakes I ordered.

The only other thing I thought about was wanting to return to another cruise as soon as possible.

We packed up our luggage, had a supper, and tried to absorb the last ounce of magic.

The next morning, by the time we woke up, the ship was already docked and got off for an early breakfast before disembarking.

It was such a fun and amazing trip that my daughter didn’t really want to leave, so she cried when she got off the boat. We had to promise her that we would be back, and of course, because her wife and I are excited to return to Disney Cruise again in the near future. , Do so.

Stay tuned for my complete video from the trip. We’ll also add travel stories, tips and photos to help you get the most out of Disney Cruise.

Disney Dream
Disney Dream

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All photos are by W. Andrew Powell.

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