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Traffic volume at San Isidro port of entry in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dennis Poloi / AP

Published by the U.S. Department of State Travel advisory Due to the high incidence of crime and kidnapping, authorities said in the case of Baja California, Mexico, which includes the vast border city of Tijuana.

The advisory warns people to reconsider their trip to the area, stating that travelers there should stay on the arterial road and avoid remote areas.

“Cross-border criminal organizations are competing in border areas to establish drug smuggling and human smuggling routes,” the State Department said. “Violent crimes and gang activities are common.”

This department was particularly interested in the high number of murders in areas other than tourists in Tijuana.

“Most murders seemed to be targeted,” the recommendation said. “But assassinations and territorial disputes of criminal organizations can injure or kill bystanders.”

The advisory also warned that US residents were kidnapped in the area.

Baja California, Mexico, extends from the middle of the border to Cabo San Lucas, not only Central Americans, but more recently Ukrainians and Russian refugees To escape the war.Some Russian dissidents across the border say they are trying Avoid retaliation From their own government.

Danielle Echeverria is a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: twitter: @DanielleEchev