KION, CA Spring Break has to pay a little more for this year’s vacation. A must-see between driving or flying, eating a bite to eat, and buying tickets to those destinations, most say their extra spending in some way.

“I usually come out three or four times a year, but I think it’s only once this year,” said Steve Ricebeck, who came from Santa Maria on the first weekend of the salmon season.

Travelers have not yet experienced ticket increases. This is because people who have already visited bought the ticket before it soared. However, the cost was higher than expected.

“When we came here, we were surprised at some of the prices of both fuel and food,” said Sylger Ahrens of Denmark, who visited with his friend Meckel Jensen. “I was told it was very cheap.”

That’s because Fisherman’s Wharf restaurants have to pay more to serve those delicious seafood dishes.

“If they want the legs of Dungeness crabs, lobster tails, and king crabs, they know they need to raise the price because they are billing us to get the product. I am.

Other tourist hotspots on the pier are also feeling the impact.

“Yeah, it definitely affected the price of fuel in boats etc.” They don’t hit us, they just need to go up because they needed to go up, so you roll with a punch Only, “Benji Sheikh, Princess Monterey Whale Watching. She showed KION a gas receipt of over $ 3,000.

And if fuel prices continue to rise, ticket prices may have to comply. “I haven’t raised them yet, but I might need to raise them $ 3-5, we’ll see what happens,” Sheikh added.

Despite the high cost of food and gas, people are still traveling. Continue your journey on the iconic Highway 1, like Ahrens and Jensen.

“We have the same trip and the same route as planned,” Jensen said. “The price is so high that I might be walking more instead of getting in the car,” Ahrens added.

Beyond travel, many KIONs say grocery prices are having a big impact on their budgets.