Do you want to get the best possible trip to yourself, or your client, the Hawaiian Islands you can?

The Hawaiian Islands are beautiful, but with so much to explore, it’s hard to know how to get the most out of your visit.

The Hawaiian Islands have a myriad of travel options and experiences. Check out these 6 hacks to help you get the best experience from your island vacation.

Hack # 1: Stick to the shoulder season

If you’re looking for a laid-back island atmosphere, it’s important to travel during the shoulder season. With fewer tourists visiting the Hawaiian Islands, you won’t have to fight the crowd at major attractions and activities.

The shoulder season comes with more cost-effective flights and accommodation options, so only the crowd will not miss it. The best place to start is to avoid traveling during school holidays in Australia and the United States.

When is the shoulder season?

February-March (excluding spring holidays in the United States in March)

Mid-April to mid-June (excluding Easter and school holidays)

September to mid-December (excluding school holidays and Thanksgiving week)

Also, keep in mind the Australian school holiday calendar when booking these holidays.

Hack # 2: Visit multiple islands

After landing at Honolulu International Airport, it’s easy to check out the vibrant city of Waikiki Beach and enjoy Oahu. However, some flights take less than 30 minutes, making it easy to visit nearby islands. Maui, Kauai, or Hawaii.

The 10-day trip gives you plenty of time to explore multiple islands and opens up new experiences such as visits.Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkWatching spectacular sunrises and sunsets from the Big Island of HawaiiHaleakala Experience incredible mountain tubing on Maui or Kauai.

Haleakala | Hawaii Tourism Board

Hack # 3: Drive and discover

Driving is one of the best ways to take a closer look at the Hawaiian Islands and discover hidden gems along the way.

Take in stunning coastal views, stop at the beautiful observatory, explore the lush landscape and discover breathtaking beaches at your own pace.

Hawaiian roads are easy to navigate and most major car rental companies accept an Australian driver’s license. Book your vehicle in advance as quantities can fluctuate on the island.

Hack # 4: Like a Local

There is always time to eat, and after hiking, swimming, and exploring, you’ll find the perfect place to delve into a delicious Hawaiian feast.

For a local guide on where to dine, talk to a friendly hotel concierge who can turn you in the right direction or check out this listReliable local eateries..

Don’t be afraid to explore beyond tourist hotspots, as Hawaii has a lot to discover in every corner. Some of the best meals are hidden in the local neighborhood, offering local and cultural flavors.

Poke with rice at a Waikiki brewing company | Hawaii Tourism Board / Ben Ono

Hack # 5: Heading for Happy Hour

Set an alarm – Happy hour is a serious business in Hawaii.You will find lots of good drinks and good drinks every day pupus (Appetizer) US $ 5-10 range.

Happy hour in the Hawaiian Islands is not just about drinks, it’s about food, so if you don’t mind late lunch or early dinner, take advantage of the great happy hour menu and bargains. ..

Times vary from place to place, but you can find a nearby happy hour between 2pm and 6pm.

Waiter serving cocktails on Oahu’s Chinchin | Hawaii Tourism Board / Ben Ono

Hack # 6: Keep Simple – Pack Light

Because Australia’s climate fluctuates year-round, Hawaii has a consistent tropical climate of 25-30 degrees Celsius all year round, making packing very easy.

Forget about packing unnecessary clothes in your suitcase, just put in your beachwear, hat and Hawaiian shirt and you’re ready to go.

If you plan to visit some of the higher altitudes like, remember some layersHaleakala National ParkMaui orMauna Kea ObservatoryOn the Big Island.

All flights from Australia arrive in the morning, so be sure to pack your carry-on baggage with beachwear so you can catch the waves before check-in.

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