Boss of Shropshire Hills Discovery Center wants to build two new ponds

The Shropshire Hills Discovery Center at Craven Arms is seeking approval of the proposal from the Planning Department of Shropshire Council.

They will see two ponds created in the wildflower meadows on site for the recovery of crested newts.

The proposal shows a pond created using a tracked excavator with a bucket and boom. Work is estimated to take 5-10 business days.

The ponds are devoid of fish or plants and have a range of depths and irregular shapes to look natural.

A 160-meter fence will also be installed around the pond to restrict access for the public and dogs.

The fence consists of wooden posts and sheep netting and is 1.2m high.

A house has applied for a listed building permit for an extension of its lot.

A proposal lodged with Shropshire Council seeks permission to create 28 extra bedrooms at the Yockleton Grange site in Yockleton.

The proposal also includes laundry.

With the planning officer’s approval, the farmland may be converted to a horse riding range.

Shropshire County Council officials have been asked to consider a proposal for land northeast of the Old Shops in Brinoa, Duddleston Heath.

As part of the proposal, the plan is to convert the land from farming to equestrian use and install two mobile stables and a sign.

A ground-mounted solar array could be built at a site near Oswestry under plans to be considered by the Shropshire Council.

A proposal submitted to the authorities seeks permission to build a 1,108kW ground-mounted solar array and a number of related works on land at Crickheath’s Tramway Farm near Oswestry.

A dental practice seeks consent for a large number of new sign-ups. The Regency House Practice on Underhill Street in Bridgnorth wants to install her five unlit aluminum signs.