The crime scene of one of the country’s most talked-about murders has been turned into a “tourist spot” where onlookers, mostly teenage schoolboys, come to Aaftab’s residence to take a peek into his room.

New Delhi ,Has been updated: November 18, 2022 17:34 IST

Schoolchildren who visited Aaftab’s home out of curiosity were among the many who visited the crime scene.

Rahul Gautam: The murder of Shraddha Walkar has shocked the entire nation, and with each passing day more and more gruesome details are coming to the fore. The crime scene of one of the country’s most talked-about murders has turned into a “sightseeing spot” where onlookers, mostly his teenage schoolboys, come to his Aaftab residence to peek into his room. rice field.

Every day after school in this high-decibel area, a schoolboy in uniform arrives at the crime scene. There, a large number of reporters will be waiting for live broadcasts and input into the story. Curious boys and women could be seen in the area asking directions to the path where Ahftab was staying with Shraddha.

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There are no police officers stationed in the building. Until two days ago, the windows in Aaftab’s room were open, allowing onlookers a good view of his apartment.

Kurbir Krishnan, a former IPS officer and former member of the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights, told India Today that young minds are allowed to come to crime scenes because they can spur bad thoughts. “It’s sheer morbid curiosity that attracts boys who attend such schools to the building, as the media constantly reports on the Shraddha murders,” he said. Told.

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Psychologist Dr. Nimesh Desai said society needs to channel this curiosity that arises in teenagers’ minds about such crimes. Furthermore, while families are discussing such things in the drawing room, they need to adjust their conversations accordingly so that their children can be sensitive about violence, sex and abusive relationships. He said.