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Shakira She was always a doting single mother when she stepped into Rome with her two sons. milan9, and Sasha, 7, 16 December. The trio visited the Colosseum while doing some sightseeing in the historic city. At one point, they stepped aside and Shakira took a picture of the kids, smiling as she stood behind her iPhone camera taking pictures.

Shakira Ossu
Shakira and sons in Rome. (back grid)

The singer was dressed up to go on a sightseeing trip with her children. but she also rocked her glasses for outings incognito.

Shaq definitely looked fine as she spent quality time with the sons she shares with her ex. Gerard PiqueShakira and Gerald announced their split Earlier this year after being in a relationship since 2011. Earlier this month, Shakira and Gerald appearing in court hash them custody arrangementsalthough the details have not been publicly confirmed.

son of shakira
Shakira taking pictures of her sons. (back grid)

Meanwhile, Shakira is also currently in the midst of some legal issues, as well. Shakira was investigated by Spanish authorities and he was accused of not paying taxes in Spain from 2012 to 2014. Shaq pleaded her innocence, and she claimed that Spain was not her principal place of residence at the time. But in 2021, a judge declared there was enough evidence. bring the singer to justice for tax evasion.

Shaq was unable to come to an agreement with the authorities and agreed to be put on trial to prove her innocence. issued a statement Protect yourself. “Shakira has always been an impeccable taxpayer and he has never had a tax problem in any jurisdiction,” the statement said. “Because she has no hard evidence to support her charges against her, she has been violently persecuted in her criminal and media spheres using her unacceptable methods, tarnishing her reputation and extorting settlement agreements. did.

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