California’s ‘most Instagrammable’ tourist attractions have recently been revealed in a new study, and the Bay Area spots that made the list are exactly where you’re thinking.

Research conducted by family destination guide, To find the most photo-worthy sites in California, we surveyed the Instagram hashtags of popular destinations across the state. Yosemite National Park was his number one, but San Francisco earned his two spots. The Golden Gate Bridge is third, and Alcatraz is his ninth. Other spots on the list include Venice Beach, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur and Disneyland.

While these places are undoubtedly worthy of millions of hashtags (research found the Golden Gate Bridge amassed 4.3 million), they are often overlooked photogenic cities with lots of scenic beauty. I figured there should be plenty of spots. by most tourists. Here are some of my favorites.

The swings of Bernal Heights Park above San Francisco.

Jeremy Borkat/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Vernal Heights Rope Swing

A hike to Vernal Hill is sure to make your calves burn and your eyes light up, especially when you come across this rope swing overlooking southeast San Francisco.this is one of several rope swing It’s a great way to appreciate a part of the city that hangs beautifully in the Bay Area and is often off a tourist’s to-do list.

“Four Seasons” Victorian

Fans of The Painted Lady will appreciate this lesser-known but equally stunning row of Queen Anne Victorian homes 10 blocks away.of House of “four seasons” Waller Street from 1300-1328 is over 130 years old and features ornate architectural details that rival Postcard Row. Plus, you don’t have to edit from photos taken in front of a crowd.

San Francisco skyline as seen from Ina Coolbrith Park.

San Francisco skyline as seen from Ina Coolbrith Park.

Ian.CuiYi/Getty Images

Ina Coolbrith Park

During college, I used to take walks around town, exploring new places that I now call home. One of those walks took me up a few steep steps to Inna Coolbrith Park, a North Beach oasis tucked away in the hills a few blocks south of Columbus Street. If you want some exercise, the rewards of this park are well worth it. Through the trees you can find dazzling views of the San Francisco skyline from angles most people have never seen.

The Bay Bridge seen from Yerba Buena Island.

The Bay Bridge seen from Yerba Buena Island.

Thomas Wintz/Getty Images

Secret bay bridge view spot

We are unable to share the exact location of this spot on Yerba Buena Island. This is not just because they don’t want to reveal their secrets during construction. change the shape of the island Every week I don’t know if this hillside observatory is still accessible or if it’s even legal to go there. This list would feel incomplete without adding the location of It’s a secret spot just above the west entrance of the Bay Bridge Tunnel, which may offer the best views of the bridge and skyline from there. An existence unfolding before your eyes like a dream.