Pachitan, East Java (ANTARA) – The Governor of East Java, Kofifa Indal Palawangsa, expressed his fascination with the natural beauty of Sentno Gentong tourist area located in Dadapan Village, Pringkuku sub-district, Pachitan, East Java. bottom.

“Sentno Genton resembles a cosmic orchestra because it has a sheer natural beauty combined with history and spirituality,” she said Wednesday.

Palawangsa stopped at Pachimban after opening two emergency bridges in Kembang Village, Pachimban City and Wonodadi Village, Nadiroho District.

She and her entourage also took time during their work visit to explore major tourist destinations, including the Sentno Gentong Nature Tour, the hometown of 6th President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The governor said that Sentno Gentón is a place that offers different types of tourism as it has scenic beauty, religious significance and sporting activities such as paragliding.

The region’s religious significance derives from the bone-filled barrels brought from Persia by Sheikh Subakir to ward off evil spirits in Java and spread Islam.

“If you want to see a ‘harmonious partnership’, this is one example. If you want to see not only nature tourism and paragliding athletes, but also religious heritage, this is one of them,” she added. I got

Palawantha added that special attention should be paid to the connection to the Pachitan district and other Mataraman districts, further promoting the beauty of Pachitan and allowing domestic and foreign tourists to see it firsthand. said there is

“There are also quite a lot of caves in Pachitan. There are many things that Pachitan can sell, from natural, religious, culinary and sports tourism. Most importantly, infrastructure development and attracting suitable investors. Therefore, all tourists can enjoy We want to convey more of the beauty of Pachitan to both local and overseas tourists,” she said.

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