After spending a few fun nights in Bulgari Hotel Milan, Headed to Courchevel, France. The easiest way to get there was to take a train from Milan, Italy to Chambéry, France, and then drive from there.

In this case, I took Trenitalia’s executive class, which was the best train experience I’ve ever had. This was as much fun as a great international first class flight, except for $ 200 champagne and caviar. 😉 But seriously, it was so much fun that I will emphasize looking for this experience in the future.

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The train from Milan to Chambury takes about 3.5 hours and is frequented twice a day. This is part of the train route from Milan to Paris (which takes about 7 hours) and Chamberry is almost halfway.

There are various pricing options (the screenshot below is for 2 people).

  • You can book a standard cabin for € 45 per person
  • You can book a business cabin for € 69 per person
  • Executive cabins can be booked for € 145 per person
Trenitalia Executive Class Prices

Obviously executive class is much more expensive than business class, but the experience is quite different. Instead of being in a cabin with dozens of people, we are in a cabin (and meeting room!) With a total of 10 seats, with a dedicated attendant and unlimited food and drink.

Trenitaria Executive Class Seat Map

Milan Central Station & Lounge

Our train departed Milan Centrale (Milan’s main railway station) at 6:25 am. I remembered how huge the station was when I arrived from Venice, so I arrived unnecessarily early around 5:45 am. The train station in Milan is a masterpiece of architecture.

Milan Central Station
Milan Central Station
Milan Central Station

We headed to the departure level. At the starting level, the temperature had to be checked first. Unfortunately, the tracks on our trains haven’t been listed yet.

Milan Central Station Departure Board

At that time, not much was happening at the station.While Fletcher Lounge It’s theoretically accessible, but unfortunately it wasn’t open yet in the morning.

Trenitaria Fletcha Lounge Milan

So I did spotting trains instead (do you think it’s like spotting planes?).

Milan Central Station Railroad

I don’t know the beginning of the train, but it’s still fun to see!

Milan Central Station Railroad
Milan Central Station Train

In addition to Trenitalia, there is also Italo, an Italian private rail operator that connects to Ferrari. It’s not what we were taking, but in my opinion the train looks even smoother.

Milan Central Station Train

Trenitalia Executive Class Cabins and Seats

At around 6:10 am, the departure truck of the train was posted and headed for truck 4. Our passport didn’t happen on the last train, so it was checked on a track that I found interesting. Is this an international train (even within the European Union) or …?

Trenitalia train to Paris
Trenitalia train to Paris

We sat in the first car (the end of the truck), and as we walked there, we plunged into different classes. The standard cabin, with a 2-2 seating arrangement, looked reasonably comfortable.

Trenitaria standard class seats

After that, the business class cabins looked even better and had a 1-2 configuration, similar to what we had. Our ride from Venice to Milan..

Trenitalia business class seats

And finally we arrived at the first car … are you ready? Well, maybe I’m a little too excited …

Trenitaria Executive Class Car

The executive class cabin has a one-to-one layout with only 10 seats. oh. In many respects, this reminded me of an old international first class cabin, and I just thought it was very nice.

Trenitalia Executive Class Seats
Trenitalia Executive Class Seats

I assigned seats 1A and 1D as they were available at the time of booking. Not only are the seats very large, they also have infinite foot space.

Trenitalia Executive Class Seats
Trenitalia Executive Class Seats

The seat has a rotation function and can be rotated in either direction. The exception is if you are seated in the first row. In this row, you can only face other seats. Ideally, if you are traveling with someone, you should choose front and rear seats (such as 1A and 2A) so that you can face each other as needed.

Fortunately, the 2A and 3A people and the 2D and 3D people were traveling together, so they were facing each other. That is, no one was facing us in the first column.

Trenitalia Executive Class Seats
Trenitaria Executive Class Cabin View

The seat doesn’t flatten perfectly, but it reclines a lot and has leg rests.

Trenitaria Executive Class Seat Reclining

The function of the seat can be controlled through the panel on the side of the seat.

Trenitalia Executive Class Seat Management

The swivel function can be controlled with the button on the other side of the seat.

Trenitalia’s executive-class turning function

Below and next to the seat, in addition to AC and USB power outlets, there was an exposed storage area where laptops and other items could be placed.

Trenitaria Executive Class Seat Power Outlet

There was also a tray table in the seat, like on an airplane.

Trenitaria Executive Class Tray Table

Luggage can be stored in overhead racks or placed in the meeting room.

Trenitaria Executive Class Overhead Storage

Wait, the conference room? !! Yes, executive class cars have a meeting room for 5 people. Given that it has a maximum of 10 passengers, I think this is a very hilarious feature. For fun, I sat here for a while with my laptop.It almost reminded me Etihad A380 “Lobby”When that was the case.

Trenitaria Executive Class Meeting Room
Trenitaria Executive Class Meeting Room

Executive class cars also had their own bathroom. This is a useful feature considering how much other bathrooms on the train are commonly used and how they are lined up.

Trenitaria Executive Class Bathroom
Trenitaria Executive Class Bathroom

There was even a pretty swanky galley in executive class cars, which reminded me of an airplane galley. There was also an illy espresso machine.

Trenitaria Executive Class Galley
Trenitaria Executive Class Galley

The executive class car initially had six passengers, but during the subsequent stop there were two passengers, for a total of eight passengers.

Trenitaria Executive Class Food, Drinks and Services

The executive class car had a friendly attendant who introduced himself immediately after boarding. Approximately 15 minutes after her departure, she brought out disinfectant towels and napkins in addition to basic snacks such as cookies and olive crackers.

Trenitalia Executive Class Snacks

At that point, the first beverage service was executed. I ordered espresso and water. The water was in a glass, but the espresso was served in a paper cup.

Trenitaria Executive Class Drinks

After that, a menu of train trips was presented. He explained that he could order whenever he wanted (from the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus). This is great — it’s like the concept of an on-demand meal on an international flight!

Trenitaria Executive Class Menu

Below is a list of menus and drinks.

Trenitaria Executive Class Menu
Trenitaria Executive Class Drinks

The attendant was good at hydrating us and provided some drink replenishment.

Trenitaria Executive Class Drinks

To be honest, I wish I were hungry, but in the morning I had a room service breakfast at the hotel, so there is a lot to eat. About 30 minutes before arriving at Chamberry, I thought I needed to take one to the team and order something. It was past 9am, but I was up for hours, so I wanted to order a lunch option.

After ordering, I brought a warm towel first.

Trenitaria Executive Class Warm Towels

I decided to order salmon and zucchini risotto. Bread baskets and Coke Zero were provided accordingly.

Trenitaria Executive Class Meals

This was even presented with proper cutlery.

Trenitaria Executive Class Cutlery

Ford ordered chicken and vegetable couscous with sparkling water.

Trenitaria Executive Class Meals

Was it the most gourmet food ever? no. But it was so delicious that I enjoyed it. Once again, you can order whatever you like (food, alcoholic beverages, etc.) and everything is included in your Executive Class ticket.

Trenitaria Executive Class Wi-Fi

Trenitalia offers free Wi-Fi, easy to connect and very fast. With a few exceptions, we had excellent connectivity throughout our journey.

Trenitaria Executive Class Wi-Fi
Trenitaria Executive Class Wi-Fi

Arrive at Chamberry Station on time

There was an overhead monitor that always provided the latest status of progress. The train was on time and arrived at Chambury on time.

Approaching chambray

It was snowing a lot when we arrived, but it wasn’t usually expected in early April. It’s great for skiing!

Train arriving at Chamberry Station

I enjoyed riding this train so much that I couldn’t explain it

Indeed, when it comes to transportation, I’m an aviation geek above all else. But I also really enjoy riding a nice train, and this may be my favorite train trip I’ve ever taken.

Airplanes and trains have a lot in common. It means that there is little more fun in life than sitting in a comfortable seat on a laptop and watching the world pass by. I would be even happier if someone would take care of me and provide me with unlimited coffee and water.

This was a wonderful trip in terms of watching the world pass by and enjoying the sunrise. And in many ways, taking a train is much better than taking an airplane. You don’t have to deal with much of the hassle of the airport. There are no security checks and the seats are much more comfortable.

The train from Milan to Paris takes 7 hours, but I definitely take the train that is flying with a heartbeat. I work while traveling, but there is no better “office” like this.


Trenitalia’s executive class premium is important, but it’s a great way to make a round trip to Italy. Between comfortable seating, attentive service, and endless food and beverage options, this is probably the least stressful and most enjoyable way I’ve gotten in Europe.

Now that I’ve taken Trenitalia’s executive class, I’m looking at traveling to and from Italy from elsewhere in Europe in a completely different way. I would like to take a long trip on an airplane in this cabin. If I have the opportunity to experience Trenitalia’s executive class, I can’t fully recommend it.

What kind of experience did you have when you took Trenitalia’s executive class?