Qantas will fly a direct flight between Melbourne and Dallas starting December this year. This is a long-haul flight in the United States and takes more than 17 hours to return.

From December 2nd, the airline will operate four flights a week on the route using the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This is the first time any airline has flown this route.

The flight takes 15 hours and 45 minutes on the outbound route and 17 hours and 25 minutes on the return route, which is slightly longer than the Dallas flight from Sydney. The flight from Sydney takes about 14 and a half hours on the return trip and about 16 hours and 20 minutes on the return trip. Inbound flights from the United States to Australia usually take longer than outbound flights due to the prevailing winds.

Qantas operated a direct flight between Sydney and Dallas in 2011, initially operating 747 jumbo jets. Switch to Airbus A380 Super Jumbo For some time, the 13,800-kilometer long-haul flight was the longest commercial flight in the world. The Melbourne-Dallas route is even longer, reaching 14,472 kilometers, making it the fourth longest route in the world.The longest scheduled route in the world is currently Singapore Airlines Singapore-New York direct flightRecord 15,349 kilometers.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. As a result, it provides travelers passing through the hub with a wide range of connections to other cities.

“Dallas Fort Worth is not only a destination in itself, but also one of the largest hubs in the United States, within a four-hour flight from all major cities in the United States,” said the Cantus Group’s chief. Stephanie, Chief Customer Officer, said. Tally.

Ms. Tally said the people of Melbourne are once again enthusiastic about traveling abroad and inbound tourism is beginning to recover.

“No city in the world has tightened it during COVID than Melbourne, but no city is bouncing fast,” she said.

“There is strong demand from Melbourne people who want to travel abroad on vacation or business trips two years from home, but inbound tourism is starting to recover. Flights to the United States are particularly strong, and Los Angeles bookings are now. , More than before. COVID level. “

The airline has also doubled its flights between Melbourne and Los Angeles from this week to eight flights a week due to strong demand.

The announcement of new destinations in the United States was made when the airline launched five new domestic flights over the weekend. Adelaide-Newcastle; Brisbane-Wagga Wagga; Darwin-Townsville and Darwin-Cairns.

The five routes are one of 52 new domestic routes that airlines have added to the network since the start of the pandemic.

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