Yesterday, P & O Ferry announced that it was ready to start running the service this weekend, but today announced that it has already been canceled in an online update.

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P & O Ferry: Criminal investigation into firing has begun

Scandal hit P & O ferry Have Service outage this weekend He told the customer to book with another operator, even though he announced that he would resume.

The ferry company has been suspended since March After dismissing 800 staff in an angry move The crew with the ax was replaced by the agency workers.

Write to twitter Account P & O updates, they said: “All P & O ferry passenger services will be suspended this weekend.

“For the April 8/9/10 trip, please rebook directly with another operator before arriving at the port.”

Only yesterday it was announced that they were ready to launch service this weekend.

But today they announced that they have already been canceled in an online update.

The ferry company has been out of service since March (file photo)



This announcement will undoubtedly exacerbate the M20’s log jam, which was instigated by Operation Block. Kent online report.

Today, the eighth day of the turmoil of traveling in Kent, there is a large line of traffic waiting to enter Dover Harbor.

Rival DFDS warns that service from Dover to Curry will be delayed by up to two hours and that it is not accepting P & O customers.

Raleigh queued to M20 operations block on Thursday



DFDS director Chris Parker said the ferry operates “as fast as possible.”

The ferry company has booked more than 40,000 passengers on service from Dover this weekend, an increase of 50% compared to last weekend.

It is estimated that 30,000,000 people will be on the road before the Easter holidays.

About 13.6 million people are expected on Good Friday alone.

On Thursday, traffic jams are occurring on M2 near Faversham as drivers try to avoid M20 block operations.



With thousands of vacationers and truck drivers further delayed to Dover’s waterway port, local councils are set to declare a “serious incident” as travel turmoil continues this weekend. There is growing concern that it may be.

In an open letter, Trevor Bartlett, leader of the Dover District Council, said the town “does not allow it to be in trouble next weekend.”

“We will closely monitor the situation throughout the weekend and will not hesitate to allow DDC officers to declare a serious incident if there are signs of congestion as witnessed last weekend,” Bartlett added. rice field.

Heavy truck congestion at Dover’s harbor


ANDY RAIN / EPA-EFE / REX / Shutterstock)

Declaring a serious case would “force the problem” and “cause a stronger response” from the authorities, Bartlett said.

Passengers heading to the harbor are advised to leave “enough time”.

The national highway states as follows. “All drivers in or through Kent should plan ahead, follow the detour signs, check before traveling and leave enough time for the trip.”

DFDS Ferry has reported a two hour delay in service from Dover to Curry and is not accepting P & O customers.

P & O Ferry Announces Update on Twitter



DFDS Capacity Director Chris Parker urged people not to travel to the harbor unless booked in advance.

DFDS was accepting P & O customers, but had no means of transportation as it dismissed 800 staff and canceled service in March.

However, these passengers do not take on the “weekend peak”.

Speak in BBC Breakfast Parker said:

“We have decided that we should focus on our passengers and not disappoint P & O passengers arriving at the port.

“The worst thing is that people get up and say,’I’m really sorry, I don’t have the space for you.’

“It is a pity.”

All six DFDS vessels operate at maximum capacity on Friday, sailing 54 times on the route.

Parker urged people to make advance reservations rather than simply “coming to the harbor.”

He said: “We will not be able to handle you.”

The 23-mile range of Kent’s M20 remains closed as part of the operations block.

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