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Sedna Experience
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It begins at the Alcantara Vineyard and Winery in the heart of the Verde Valley. Cultivated in a sustainable way and passionately maintained, the Alcantara Vineyards are the first wineries on the Verde River and one of the largest wineries in central and northern Arizona. Plan ahead and explore the 87-acre site for on-site activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, and jeep tours on the Verde River before tasting delicious local wines.

After an appetite, enjoy a prime steak perfectly grilled on the Steakhouse 89 wood grill. Located in West Sedna, The Steakhouse boasts a warm, upscale, fun and relaxing atmosphere in the Southwest. We only offer the finest meats, fresh fish and seafood, carefully selected ingredients, delicious appetizers and elegant desserts.

A visit to Sedna cannot be completed without hitting the trail. Travel deep into the pristine canyons of Sedona’s famous red rock landscape on a Sedona Jeep Tour. Each off-road private 4×4 excursion offers an unforgettable backcountry tour with details of local insiders by the most knowledgeable and experienced guides.

Another way to capture Sedna’s geological wonders is from the sky. See the red rocks from a whole new perspective on a premier helicopter tour with Guidance Air.

Sedna is known as the world’s spiritual mecca and metaphysical epicenter. Talented healers, artists and spiritual guides gather in Sedna to help those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Sedna is the perfect place to embark on the personal richness of the mind, body and soul. Awaken the spiritual side with psychic readings, healing massage treatments, yoga, sound healing, retreats and more at the Sedonia Conscious Living Center. Discover the reasons behind the powerful vortex energies and sacred place phenomena occurring around the world on Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours. Experience facts, emotions and errors from the comfort of a jeep.

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