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The One Foot Down survey is back, just in time for USC weekend. He has four questions. Basic questions are about confidence in the program, second about upcoming games vs Trojans, and two about year-end fun like bowls and rankings. Due to the Thanksgiving holidays, we will be moving quickly on this, so vote now!

This is the result of the last inquiry before Ireland beat Syracuse 41-24. It was a completely different scenario at the time, with Ireland she was 4-3 and there were some question marks.

Congratulations to the 7% who knew Syracuse was wildly overrated.

This question (and the next) is hilarious now that we know Ireland have beaten Syracuse, Clemson, Navy and Boston College and still have a chance of winning 10 of the season. But even if it’s the other way around, you’ll want to watch Irish bowling.

This was a real Sophie’s Choice scenario and thankfully didn’t have to be considered. Before Syracuse, they were willing to sacrifice wins over Clemson and USC to secure a . 500+ season. Ireland are now working on the Tigers and Trojans could be next.

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