With fuel prices higher than ever, Japanese consumers are looking for peace of mind in preparation for their summer vacation. However, regional destinations, including Ocean City, are still expecting a crowd of tourists who are anxious for vacation.

This month, the United States monitored soaring gas prices. In some cases, the price was well over $ 5. Maryland citizens are no exception, with significant cost increases.

As of Tuesday morning, Data from AAA Shows that the average price per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Maryland is currently $ 4.943, while the national average is $ 4.968.

To make matters worse, a 2013 law linking the state’s petrol tax to inflation would push prices up about 6 cents per gallon on July 1 if Maryland legislators take no additional steps. Is set to.

Summer vacationers are feeling the heat when planning a road trip.

“Travel is a divine right,” said Susan Jones, Managing Director of the Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Association in Ocean City. “Even though all costs are rising, we still want to take some vacation.”

Today, more and more travelers are choosing vacation destinations that are just a short drive away. This means that residents of neighboring states such as Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey have chosen Maryland as their primary travel destination. This is a good sign for popular Eastern Shore resort towns such as Ocean City.

“I think we saw a long line at the airport, a packed plane, and a shortage of pilots,” Jones said. “So I think the media did a really good job of portraying air travel as less fun.”

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About 60% of Americans Planning at least one trip this summerAccording to the American Travel Association, 35% expect to travel more this summer than last year, despite higher gas prices.

According to Adam Sachs, president and chief executive officer of tourism economics, people are also shifting their spending from tangible goods to experiences.

“Interest in leisure travel has not yet been invaded,” Sax said in a semi-annual forecast webinar for the American Travel Association on June 16.

The association pointed out in June that domestic leisure travel spending in 2022 was already above pre-pandemic levels, even after inflation adjustments.

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Whether it’s miniature golf, water bike use, parasailing, paddleboarding, beach or boardwalk walks, bowling at AlleyOops, or roller coaster rides at Jolly Roger Amusement Park, Ocean City offers tourists a complete experience. increase.

“We will survive,” Jones said.

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