There’s a reason so many holiday movies are filmed or set in New York. Let’s start with Thanksgiving. New York has all the forests, valleys, and rivers with some of the best views. We are known for our apple orchards, perfect for sharing an apple pie and apple cider at your Thanksgiving table. Then we have Christmas. Naturally, New York City bustles with crowds for its parades, Rockefeller Square tree lights and shopping, but in the rest of New York there’s a sweet hometown vibe everywhere you go, and Hallmark’s Christmas movies. Perfect for

best winter vacation destinations

In addition to being a magical place for vacation, ease of travel and cost must be considered. wallet hub, It is said that the temperature below the average year will continue this winter. Along with that comes heavy rain, sleet and snow.

WalletHub analyzed approximately 70 metropolitan areas based on 37 key metrics, including flight data, safety metrics, and weather forecasts. They divided the destinations into warm and cold categories.

New York ranked NOWHERE on the list when it came to the best winter vacation destinations for lovers of warm weather. The top five regions are:

  1. Las Vegas – Henderson Paradise, Nevada
  2. Austin – Round Rock – Georgetown, TX
  3. San Diego – Chula Vista – Carlsbad, CA
  4. Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington, TX
  5. San Antonio – New Braunfels, Texas

If you’re looking for a warm destination, Texas seems like the perfect place to vacation this year. So where did New York land in the cold climate category?

Where does New York State rank as the best winter vacation destinations for cold lovers?

I had good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news. These areas of New York near the end of the list. Of the 32 metropolitan areas, his three neighborhoods in New York came in last.

28. Buffalo – Cheektowaga, NY

29. Rochester, New York

31. Albany – Schenectady – Troy, NY

I go back and forth to Albany all the time. Plus, more and more stops are being made in Rochester for college friends. I am very happy to hear that you are expecting your trip to be so wonderful. No.

Wait a second! There are more!

New York is not completely out of the woods! We have one very strong competitor. Coming in at number one on our list of the best winter vacation destinations for cold-weather lovers are:

  1. New York – Newark – Jersey City, NY – NJ – PA
  2. Altlanta – Sandy Springs Alpharetta, Georgia
  3. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV
  4. Chicago – Naperville – Elgin, IL – Wisconsin
  5. St. Louis, MO-IL

Ok, it shares the top spot with New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but New York still manages to take the top spot. I would say this is a big win. When you think of New York City. But I think traffic and jams are plentiful.

I was a little surprised that the New York City area was expected to be the best while the Upstate location was expected to be the worst, but the breakdown between cost, amount of attractions and impending weather , it starts to make a lot of sense.

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