The Harwich couple said they had paid about $ 2,000 and did everything they could think of to get their money back for the canceled vacation.

“We gave it up 100%,” said Emma Jane Proudfoot.

She and her husband had lost hope of getting a refund after their April 2020 trip to Cancun with a friend was canceled due to COVID.

“At that point, the whole world was closed, so we couldn’t fly if we wanted to, and the hotel was closed, so Expedia canceled the trip,” said Proudfoot.

“For the past two years, I’ve been trying to get a refund. I was told that my plane ticket and the money I spent at the resort would be fully refunded. All three other couples got a refund immediately. . I just kept making phone calls and ran around. “

They all booked a trip on Expedia and Proudfoot said she repeatedly contacted the company.

“They kept saying that they had to contact the hotel and I had to contact the airline directly,” she said. “So when I contacted the airline directly, I was told that I needed to contact Expedia.

“They will always say that the hotel is closed or no one is coming back at the hotel resort, so there will be no further updates for refunds,” she added.

Proud Hood said that when she called, she asked for a supervisor and they would say she had no supervisor available.

As a last resort, she turned to NBC10 Boston Responds for help.

“It was very frustrating,” she said. “As you know, we are a young couple trying to start their own family. To pay that much for something that we couldn’t even continue or even enjoy at that point, we Things in our lives that really wanted to spend our money on others. “

NBC10 Responds has contacted Expedia to process a $ 1900 refund.

An Expedia spokeswoman said:

“TReservations for this property were non-refundable and were only eligible for coupons. We are constantly striving to defend our travelers, in which case we are submitting multiple requests to the hotel as a refund exception. Despite our attempts, the hotel denied the exception, but keep in mind that customers are only eligible for coupons. Anyway, we are processing direct refunds. We understand how emma can be frustrating and valued as her customer.“”

Expedia didn’t tell us why other couples who booked the same itinerary received an immediate refund without looking up the details of the other bookings.

“I should have called a year ago! I should have called two years ago,” she said.

“To finally get it, it’s definitely really exciting, and my husband and I are really relieved that it’s a chapter that can be closed at this point.”

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