Miraval is Hyatt’s boutique luxury wellness brand. Currently, there are three locations in the United States: Austin, Berkshire, and Tucson. The brand is currently expanding internationally, but it’s not always where you expect it to be.

Saudi Arabia, Mirabal Red Sea Plan

Hyatt and Red Sea Development Company Conclude a management contract Open the Mirabal Red Sea. The luxury wellness resort is located on the island of Shura in Saudi Arabia, the central hub of the Red Sea project. The exact opening schedule has not yet been revealed, but it will open as part of the first phase of Red Sea development.

Miraval Red Sea offers 180 rooms and suites, including 20 villas spanning over 3 million square feet. The resort does the following:

  • There is a 40,000 square foot spa with 39 treatment rooms
  • We have several rooms deliberately designed for walking trail systems, mangrove promenades, outdoor adventures, art, creative expression, music, wellness lectures and hands-on workshops.
  • Focus on dining in the central dining room, marketplace, and various cooking classes and workshops

Below are three renderings of the properties exposed so far.

Arrival at Mirabal Red Sea
Mirabal Red Sea villa
Mirabal Red Sea Guest Room

Saudi Arabia is certainly promoting tourism

As I often say, it’s important to remember that for major hotel groups, the actual customers are the investors, and our guests are the products sold to them. Recently, a surprising number of new developments have been announced in Saudi Arabia. This reflects Saudi Arabia’s long-term shift to tourism.

Saudi Arabia plans to invest $ 1 trillion in tourism over the next decade, making it the country most invested in tourism. The Red Sea Project aims to be Saudi Arabia’s premier international leisure destination.

The Red Sea project spans 10,800 square miles and includes more than 90 pristine islands, volcanoes, deserts, mountains and a wide variety of wildlife archipelago, along with a 120-mile coastline.

Of course, the challenge here was that Saudi Arabia was historically not even open to (non-religious) tourists, which was not the radar destination of many. On the contrary, it is a destination that many people do not want to visit.

Therefore, it is interesting to see how Saudi Arabia can change. Investing $ 1 trillion in tourism is great, but more importantly, creating a fun and forgiving environment. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has promised to return the country to a “moderate Muslim”. With some progress, I think there’s a lot to do before the country becomes a popular tourist destination.


Mirabal is expanding internationally for the first time, along with real estate plans in Saudi Arabia, as part of the Red Sea development. For now, I don’t know when the property will open. Also, the rendering doesn’t show much of what you expect. I don’t think most people expected this to be Mirabal’s first international property.

Saudi Arabia is certainly spending a lot of money on tourism, and I want to see how this works. There are endless chain hotels planned for this development. The St. Regis with a water villa..

What do you think of Mirabal’s plans to open real estate in Saudi Arabia?