After two years of coronavirus pandemics, travel and tourism are finally recovering. Indians are out to explore nearby destinations, and we are seeing a boom in domestic travel. Road trips in particular are becoming a popular option for traveling with Covid-friendly methods in mind, such as frequent hand masking and disinfection. Mira Kapoor also recently embarked on a road trip with her children Misha and Zain Kapoor. The diva used Instagram to share a reel video of her trip with herself and provided a delicious glimpse of her trip featuring her childhood favorite treats. please look:

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The clip begins with Mira, Missha, and Zain making “cheers” movements with coffee and shakes. I could also find Zain eating a delicious dosa. They can be seen traveling through beautiful landscapes and picturesque backgrounds. Like any trip, Mira Kapoor The road trip was incomplete without stopping on the way. Candies, sweets, chips and snacks were some of the appetizing things on the diva’s expedition. “The feat of road trips. Fusion gum, picnics, peppy, and some stops,” Mira Kapoor wrote in the caption of her post. Fusion gum is a popular brand of chewing gum, but both Piknik and Peppy are crunchy chips that are popular in childhood.

Sounds like an ideal road trip. Foodies must be associated with a love for childhood favorites such as chewing gum and chips. Those who follow Mira Kapoor well will know that she is one of the biggest confessions. foodie online. Recently she shared her photo with a hilarious foodie caption. “Talk to me after I eat, I’ll be all ears and more, #dontleavemehangry,” she wrote in her post.

Mira Kapoor recently Delhi.. She was seen walking the ramp for a popular designer, and her debut received a lot of praise from fans and followers.

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