Milton, Massachusetts — Milton’s family vacation ended in tragedy after the age of thirteen. Cassidy Murray died in a boat accident. The teens were students of Buckingham, Browne and Nichols, a private school in Cambridge. BB & N Principal Jennifer Price described Cassidy Murray as a girl with a special gift that ties her classmates with a smile, laughter, and her genuine tenderness. “She was one of the kids who quickly united the class,” Price said. “She is one of the children who smiled and brightened the room.”

Cassidy was on vacation with his brother and parents when he said the school was killed in a boat accident. The Murray family tells us: Thank you for your love and support. “

According to BB & N, Cassidy was involved in drama, hockey and gymnastics. “She was like a beacon on the ice. She always smiles. She always has a good time. She has improved dramatically. She is a serious gymnast and she has no gymnastics, so she plays ice hockey. I think I was thinking of trying it, “Price said.

Cassidy used to attend Pierce Junior High School in his hometown of Milton. Prior to that, he attended Glover Elementary. “There’s so much to offer and there’s no word to explain the tragic loss of this vibrant girl in the face of her life,” said the director of Milton School.

Since Cassidy’s brother Adam is a 10th grader at BB & N, this tragedy has affected several grades in school. “We need to work with him and his family. We have already come up with a plan where he can think of what he most supports him, but I heard from a family friend. I know, Adam wants to go back to school and go back to some sort of routine, “Price said.

Cassidy’s family is said to be still abroad as they are making the final arrangements. BB & N will open a school on Saturday for parents and students if they want to talk to a counselor.

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