Mayor signs bill banning short-term vacation rentals outside of resort areas

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow)-Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi signed a bill on Tuesday banning short-term vacation rentals outside the resort area of ​​Oahu.

“This is to regain our neighborhood,” Branjardi said at a press conference in Kailua. “Everyone thought this was the right thing to do.

The city estimates that there are 10,000 to 14,000 short-term rental properties on Oahu.

“Many of these rental properties are illegally operated and can affect housing speculation, confuse sleeping families with noise, and take advantage of already limited street parking to impact housing stock. There is a sex, “said city council member Esther Kiaina.

The bill also redefines short-term rents from the current 30 days or less to 180 days or less, creates an executive team to crack down on violations, and raises fines up to $ 1,000 per day.

This measure faced fierce opposition from rental owners.

Industry leaders say it will destroy the legitimate vacation rental business and reduce housing supply rather than increase it.

“In my opinion, it will push people in need of short-term housing to the local market. It will reduce the supply of long-term housing that is actually available,” said an elite specializing in legal vacation rentals. Jenny Cono, Property Manager for Pacific Properties, said.

Nevertheless, the bill was approved by Honolulu City Council Early this month.

Branjardi said he believes a bill is needed because the number of visitors staying in illegal rental units for a short period of time puts undue pressure on the neighborhood.

Bill 41 limits vacation rentals to specific areas such as Ko Olina, Turtle Bay, Makaha and parts of Waikiki. Street parking for vacation rentals is also prohibited in some areas.

The new rule will come into effect 180 days after the bill is signed.

Tourism officials support this measure, saying that the issue of illegal leasing is out of control.

“This huge growth in the visitor industry happened when the amount of legitimate accommodation grew very little, so all this growth happened on an illegal vacation basis,” said the president of the Waikiki Improvement Association. Rick Eged, says.

“As a community, managing illegal vacation rentals was essential.”

This story will be updated.

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