The Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa is the quintessential “resort factory” with friendly staff. Great location right across from the beach. And if you’re traveling with a 4 year old, you can’t beat the easy access to restaurants and the zoo just around the corner.

It was my second time staying at this hotel. You may have never spent time in Hawaii before, but it’s because it’s so kid-friendly. And we met families from both the US East Coast and abroad. It was a convenient place for everyone. We weren’t the only young children in the group.

Ultimately, the hotel served its purpose well and we had a great trip as we were visiting with family and taking advantage of the kids activities available on Oahu which are not so common on other islands. However, the facility does not treat elite members well, and management is not proactive or very responsive to issues.

Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort Check In

I booked two rooms and arranged connecting rooms with the hotel months in advance. I was given two rooms and was told they were connected. They were odd numbered rooms two apart, so that makes sense, but the numbering convention is not odd on one side of the hall, nor on the other. These two rooms were two rooms apart from him.They connected the rooms, they weren’t really connected each other.

So after getting to the room with my luggage it went back to the desk. We were given two other rooms in the old tower (this one is better – the rooms are bigger). However, when we got to those rooms, the bathroom floor in one of them was flooded. There were black marks on the floor of the shower. Sounds like the drain is backing up.

I called the front desk. They were sending maintenance. An hour later no one came so I called again. Maintenance finally came and claimed nothing was wrong and called housekeeping. I asked for a manager but no one was available. They promised to contact me. nobody did.

The problem will occur again. A few nights later someone was showering next door and water started coming up the shower drain. It flowed sideways and every towel in the room needed to contain it. I called again and maintenance and housekeeping came to meander and clean the drain. I asked for the manager but it was late at night and who knows what (didn’t) happen next.

Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort Fee

The hotel charges a daily resort fee of $50+tax which doesn’t help at all. Please note that complimentary high speed internet access is provided.Free internet for elite members for now, and Marriott’s terms state that when a hotel includes internet in its resort fee, it is supposed to provide alternative amenities to the elite. I was told no one was available but was contacted. nobody did.

Otherwise, you can pay to rent a GoPro.$10 off “premium golf club rental and tee time discounts” at offsite locations (hotels probably earn commission about this); 30% off off-site e-bike rental. beach chairs;

elite breakfast

The hotel restaurant is a bit sad. There are windows overlooking the street and the beach beyond, but those windows don’t really bring much light or views.The breakfast restaurant is actually a large room and the breakfast itself is uninspiring – And it’s expensive for what it is.

Offers order from menu and buffet. $48 for the buffet. However, Platinum Elite customers and above are only eligible for the Continental Buffet. That means a platinum member can eat pastries, fruit and cereals from the buffet, but if he takes hot items he will be charged an extra $17++.

No continental buffet on the menu. It’s not a restaurant menu option. Instead, it’s a carve-out that offers the elite a lesser experience and charges the elite for a fraction of the breakfast. I can’t do it either.

Marriott’s terms and conditions regarding breakfast are a bit confusing and poorly written. Continental breakfast is supposed to be served when the hotel lounge is closed. However, US Marriott resorts that offer breakfast as a check-in amenity are supposed to offer “breakfast in the restaurant” (“+1 per member’s stay”).

Some people think that lack of that restriction means a full breakfast because other terms specify where breakfast should be continental. The view taken by the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort is that, apparently, they serve everyone else a hot buffet ($48), but if those items are “breakfast.” and offers elite cold items just because they are served in a ‘restaurant’. No bacon or egg mixture needed.

And the breakfast itself isn’t worth the price and the hot items (omelets etc) aren’t worth the extra’s hardly Hawaiian about offerings. No fresh squeezed juice. It’s more or less a standard hotel buffet somewhere in an airport Marriott. That’s fine, but the price of breakfast is only a few dollars cheaper than what the Park He Hyatt Vendome in Paris offers. This is to provide a really nice pastry, along with cheese, eggs, meats and more.

Overpriced and mediocre, nothing wrong with the buffet except they charge elite members half the price.


The rooms in the old tower are larger than the new tower and have been renovated. They aren’t particularly “Hawaiian”, but they are very nice. The bed wasn’t firm enough for my liking, probably time to change and the pillows didn’t offer much support. And then there was the desk.

Rooms usually have balconies with chairs, lounge chairs and small tables. The views from the hotel are great, but you’re in the city, so even though you’re on the ocean, that means you’ll see plenty of other activities besides the ocean.

The bathroom was large enough and functional, but of course the shower was backed up when the next room decided to use theirs.

Shower wall mounted toiletries were not tamper proof.


The hotel has its own Starbucks and several convenient “more than convenience stores” ABC stores. Of course, it is planted on Main Street within easy walking distance to many dining and activities.

There are 2 pools. The new tower pool is ‘adults only’ but the old tower pool was closed for a day for a private event so the adults only pool was opened to families. There were also unhappy adults.

Highlights of the Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort

This hotel is in a good location with friendly staff but very little management presence or a hint of apology if something goes wrong. They go out of their way for the elite. Still, it suited our needs well.