Marriott resorts charge elite cash co-payment for breakfast, free doesn’t mean free

Marriott offers free breakfast for Platinum Elite and above for most brands. But they don’t really say what breakfast means. Some hotels have found that “free” is not really defined in the terms of the Bonvoy program, interpreting it to mean “charged to the customer, but for less.” The Tribute Portfolio Royal Palm South Beach Miami is his one such hotel.

reader steve Share your experience at Royal Palm South Beach.

Breakfast vouchers for the Royal Palm South Beach Miami also state that gratuities are not included and that the Royal Palm is not a cheap hotel. Room run is about $800 per night.

..I’m Titanium for life..Other than it said an upgrade to a suite would cost $150 (later reduced to $100), it doesn’t matter.

Note that you can only order juice Also coffee too?

CEO of management of this hotel Guest says he needs to be trained to tip more, so he doesn’t need a raiseIt’s no surprise that his hotel found ways to squeeze a few extra bucks out of its guests.

It would be really helpful for Marriott to be more clear on their terms about what they actually want from their hotels. strategic ambiguityMany hotels are more generous than the minimums some hotels are aware of. But Marriott’s main motivation is to keep their owners happy, and it’s part of what you pay them for, so they allow a lot for their properties.

Hyatt, by contrast, is clear about both. breakfast meaning The cost of breakfast means the actual cost a guest may be charged (emphasis mine):

Globalists enjoy a complimentary full breakfast daily ( Includes main or standard buffet breakfast, juice, coffee, tax, tip and service charge) Maximum 2 adults and 2 children for each guest registered in the room.

tax and tip part of breakfast Therefore, for breakfast to be considered complimentary, guests should not be expected to pay cash to eat it. I figured out a way to pay for the breakfast in cash in cash.